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Writing – merit or habit | skills with practicing

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Writing is the 2nd word which comes in our mind to express emotion 1st one is speaking. Student or corporate job holder even a housewife also need writing as making a list of groceries. But there many people who have faced problems or can’t express properly on writing. That’s the reason they quit writing. Actually there is no topical way for any skills. Every human has some specific specialty but do you ever hear that this specialty can glow only by their merit. It depends on our strength of regularly practicing which should be considered as a habit.

Now I am here for mentioning some strategy. I follow this everywhere when I write something. It’s not particular for any job or profession. You can use all this in your exam paper, presentation, working place even for your Facebook comment.


Reading is the first step for writing. Actually without reading our brains ultimately empty for writing. When you want to write a topic you should read continuously about that or that type of books or related things. Like if you want to write a poem you should also read the poem, if you want to write a story you should read stories. This reading helps you to gather all words, save from spelling mistakes, a better concept of what you will write and most importantly you realize how to write.

There are many experts in every section you can follow them and you should. There also a time will come when you will be reading but nothing wouldn’t come to your mind. That’s time reading also helps you, just change your reading habit. If you like to read Disney world type story start reading horror stories. It can help you a lot. Suppose someone asks you or deliver the message in your social media if you don’t read that how will you give the reply? Without having a reading habit it’s really tough to write a correct answer, especially in the exam hall.


Observation is a great ability who doesn’t have it they welly know the value. One thing can have much meaning or we can use it in our own way. When we reading, listening or seeing we observe everything after then our mind catches the moral. As someone wrote,” he eats my time”. There is no particular way to eat time by mouth.

If you only read you find it’s a wrong sentence. But with observation,” he wasted my time”. So for writing, we should have observed what is the actual meaning. This is my way. Actually I read less than watching. Sometimes I feel if I have a chance to roaming around the world, watching nature, listening to others’ conversation. There are so many things has happened at one time. I wished I can write those things in my writing and there is the best part it will give me never-ending topics.

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Words are the power of writing. When you start writing you should keep it on your mind that will be easy to understand. Even you are writing in your personal diary because it’s not possible you will as capable as mesmerizing all till death. If I am wrong, so tell me are you still the same capacity for understanding your primary school’s lesson? So it’s better to use such words for a six years old girl if you are not writing any adult stuff.

I know that I am also using many complex words and for this, I never give myself any good marks. A bunch of not so understanding wonderful words is better than easy reliable words. Like someone gives me a compliment after reading my writing, “By such sorta inclemency I am gonna be flattering .by your lucidity I am gonna exaggerate my upwards I have been fumbling and don’t get around your eulogy.” Such a candid effort not writing. But it’s too easy to write, ” Your concept touches my heart .” And it can work like thunder.


Of course, writing means something big not just some words or alphabets. If you want to gift someone only words then you have a way to gift as a dictionary. Don’t use any big, complex or meaningless sentence. Someone asks you how was your previous day. You give a reply ” I was waking up early, making breakfast, going to school, talking with classmates, enjoying lessons, playing many games, eating tiffins, blah, blah, blah.”

All words are easy to get but the sentence is too stiff. You can just say, your day was enjoyable. That’s it. Always try to write the most simple sentence. If you think that in a simple sentence you didn’t grab attention, you are wrong . I already give an example on upward. A thousand words are better than a perfect sentence.


Language nature is changeable. If you read any kind of classical books or music, you can understand how a diverse change is happening every day. I can hardly understand 100 years ago language so if I write with this type of language who will able to read? No need to make you’re writing an antique peace, no one drags this in any museum.  Actually everyone feels comfortable with their own mother tongue. So start to write what you love to write not like to write. Because when you will enjoying to write, only then others can enjoy reading.

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Space is a great element for writing. Proper place proper space it’s really a good combination for writing. First of all, you should know what are you writing paragraph or essay, description or dialogue. Because of paragraph no need to space where the essay has to some. I saw many people write many things on there writing but I don’t like to read. They don’t know the use of space. You can’t give a long space for every sentence. I saw many people who make another para without complete their move. After ending every point we should give at least two sentence space, it can be more than but not less than. Without proper space, I only see a bunch of sentences.


Every writing has some particular structure for use like letter or application, list or placard, poem or story term paper or presentation, article or birthday card, personal or professional writing. Every time all about expressing your emotions. You should decide how will be the structure. If you don’t have any idea, take a look at some examples. Usually, girls like to do design, color, and many functions but boys are far from this. I noticed the structure of writing is totally different even 2 people copy anything because everyone has own style.


Did you remember that day when you wrote your first letter? Did your parents give you a textbook or handwriting to copy? Start your practicing mesmerized that day. One day you will touch your goal. Set a timer don’t follow anything write about any topic that you want. Every day set a target. At first, you can start by copy or type, this helps you to increase writing speed. Of course, a good speed helps you to describe what in your mind. You also have a creative mind, maybe you don’t have speed writing. But don’t let go what in your mind, do a voice recorder if you have a problem with time. When you have scope note down all.

Suitable position

There is no such situation place or time for you. But you should find out your comfort zone. Some writer likes to write with pen and paper fully quite nature, some use an electronic device in own office room but most of the writers like to write in a night. I like to write in the evening and morning time. The common thing is for writing all need a quiet place without disturbance. I wished I have a library room where I can lock myself and enjoy my writing. Because my writing process is more than a stunt. There is also an important matter for sitting if you want to write a long time you should choose an appropriate chair. And don’t forget about space, good lighting, and a comfortable environment.

Flowing not following

There are so many times that I want to write. I had a topic, I knew what I would write but I couldn’t. Sometimes writing comes spontaneously so we shouldn’t stop it for any reason because when you try to write maybe you don’t have anything. You also have a creative mind so don’t follow others unconditionally. It can kill your specialty. You can admire them. You have grammar mistakes, spelling mistake but still, you can try to write. Don’t stop yourself. Something is better than nothing. When your mind wants writing never stop her. You will see flowing writing can give you the best idea.

All these points are only for writing which is my personal opinion. It’s not necessary that all are here I know many points are left. You also add your opinion on the comment section.

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