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Varieties of the blog: Definition, History, and varieties of the blog

Varieties of the blog: Internet is an Ocean where thousands of legitimate ways for earning and learning. The blog is one of them. After hearing about blogging many don’t understand what is the blog . Especially they didn’t know about it.  It’s not like that they never used a blog but the real seen is that they never considered the blog as a blog. They read the blog, using a blog, effected by blogs but without knowing. Like we take medicine without knowing the name. But the good sign is that now the young generation knows about the blog. They are joining the blogging industry, that’s why now the blogging industry is spreading everywhere.

So what is a blog?

First of all, A blog is a modern option of the diary. A blog is an online diary or journal which is located on the website. Also, In a blog personal or community opinions or information attached to text, pictures, video, etc. A blog can be published for public or private it’s depended on blog owners. But without reader writing is considered as a diary, not a blog. When a blog published for public anyone can typically find the blog through its link. Blog content known as post and blog post is typically displayed in reverse chronological order. That means the most recent post comes to appear first top of the webpage.

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Varieties of the blog: History

In the past time after invention computer communities of people liked to write their thoughts on the computer. After increasing the use of computers and the creation of the earliest form of the Internet, the blog idea arrived. This time it was a very small way to share with a community where all were connected with each other. The exact date and time about the first use of the blog are still debated by scholars. In 1993 Rob Palmar first started a blog. In 1994 Justin Hall started personal blogging.

On the 17th December 1997, the first “weblog” was invented by Jorn Berger. ‘Blog’ is the short form of “weblog”. On 23 August 1999 ‘Pyra lab’ was the company that created the blogger service. There are many types of writing we write but the main difference in blogging, the blog is not only a bunch of interesting information but also a thrilling feeling that the writer is exactly sitting in behind readers.

Varieties of the blog

There are no typical types for the blog. The basis of owner and purpose, there are 2 types of blog :

Varieties of the blog: Personal blog

For the non-profit purpose, if one person creates a blog only writing this thought, information to share with the public this blog is a personal blog. Many people want to know about their favorite person, celebrity,  successful people’s stories, strategy, advice. It’s quite complicated to manage all with the social account even there are having a risk to delete data. The blog can outlive their information decade to decade. That’s why many make their own personal blog. Readers come to read this blog for one’s personal information or experience.

Business blog

For professional purposes, any organization or person can create a blog. A business blog can be nonprofit but this blog directed by a community. They give there update daily. A blog that is posted for business purposes on information, law, country, business, information with customers, exchanging products, is called a business blog.

The reader comes to this blog to learn or know about new information and solve their problems. Most of the blogs in this world are business blogs. Content is the life of the blog.  Different blog different content. According to content, there are many types of blogs. Some of them I try to write down below:

Varieties of the blog: Fashion blog

Now everyday human becomes fancy. In their fashionable life fashion is mostly changing. Every day some people want to know about new trends. In a fashion blog, readers come to know new trends, follow them regularly and what they wish. For this now fashion blog is the most popular blog from all blogs.

 Food blog

After fashion food is also an important modern world than the previous time. People like an adventure. Now from everywhere, people travel to another place, keen on homemade food decreases. Due to travel to many places, people want to know about famous food, price, best hotel for food. All those important information bloggers make a food blog.

Varieties of the blog: News blog

Online news is an updated version of the newspaper. We all want news local, national or international. It’s really difficult to read paper news in a busy life. I feel it’s very good for the environment to reduce using of paper and so cheap rate.


Many like to do photography, many like to see different types of photos. So this is the blog where the photographer posts their photos. Photoblog is like Pinterest and Instagram.

Varieties of the blog: Vlog

Vlog is a video blog. Here the content is always in videos. It’s all-time, not possible to understand the text like a recipe for food. But people can easily understand when they see the video of the making the process. Those people like to see a tutorial on everything they create this type of vlog.

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The podcast is a combination of iPod and broadcast. In our fastest life, it’s really difficult to see TV, videos or vlog. But we all need entertainment or interaction with internet life.  This podcast is really awesome idea for multitasking. Even for blind people, it’s a very helpful process in their life. All and above it’s the updated version of radio.

MP3 blog

An MP3 blog is a type of blog in which the creator makes music files, normally in the MP3 format, available for download. In the MP3 blog, you can download music, audio, and sound. As a similar podcast.

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Varieties of the blog: Linklog

Linklogs existed as a feature of computing systems before the internet as well.  Where other blog posts all data in detail, but in link log bloggers only post their links.  A linklog is a type of blog which is meant to act as a linked list. After reading the title if readers want to read the article then they will click any link.

Varieties of the blog: Typecasting

Writing is a passion for many people but that doesn’t mean everyone likes one process, use one process. Many writers don’t like a computer as their writing tools. So in typecasting blog, they post their accurate form of Writing by scanning. These texts or portions of texts may include unedited text, handwritten edits, notes or signs of proofreading that allow the reader to see the raw text complete with typos errors and corrections.

So there are so many types of blogs. Now blog industry is spreading excessive way. So you hardly found any topic which doesn’t have any blog. The continuity of content responsible for which types a blog that is. I know I didn’t write many types of the blog but if you want to tell me any then note down in comment box.

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