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Reading a book is a blessing: Knowledge is power

‘Knowledge is power, Books are the source of this power. Reading a book is a blessing’ According to research, there are some significant similarities to most successful people. Reading habit is one of them. Successful people provoke their employees for reading books for at least 30 minutes. It’s not like that they only encourage to read entrepreneurship types books even they also love to read books. As an example: Bill Gates read 1 book per week, end of the year he finishes at least 50 books. After reading he gives the review of that book on his website. Warren Edward Buffett has taken reading habit in another level. He spends 80% times by reading.

Knowledge is power
Books are the source of this power

We know, reading habit increases our analysis skill. But recent research said, reading is not only arising our cognitive faculty skills but also it helps to speed up our working ability. Apart all reading helps to make man hard worker. Reading doesn’t mean only data collection. It developed mental capabilities. Recently science upholds this usefulness.

By confidence, you can take any steps. For increasing your mental strength you can join language club or debating club, read riddle books, play Chase, word game or any kinda activities even do physical exercise. There are many mind-blowing ways for our mind blooming.

Recent research declared that there will be 8 billion US dollars used for mind training and industry assessment until 2022. But in a small price, easy method and effective way of developing mental ability near our hands. That is reading. Reading a book is a blessing. So, Knowledge is power also Books are the source of this power.

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Reading a book is a blessing

Reading is useful for the sharpness of the brain, it’s not any surprising news. If the mother switches off the television and upholds a good book to her children, this simple task can provoke a great positive change. By reading mostly affected language reception and left side temporal cortex. By reading our memory catch new words which increase vocabulary level, speeding up reading skills and every time knowing some new knowledge. Letter to word making, word to sentence making and making story structure which helps neurons to collect information. As like when we do any conversation.

The best part is that reading helps our brains every time to create diligence and goodness.


According to Maryanne Wolf, director of UCLA’s Center for Dyslexia, Diverse Learners and social justice – Usually, our brains mostly active and probable scope of thinking ability has in reading the time. Reading gives a pause bottom for understanding or arising your insight view whatever it’s not available on time of conversation or watching movies. Whereas after finishing reading, your brain will be activated for a long.

Research of Emory University declared that influence can active for 5 years long. Gregory Berns is a Ph.D. director of euro policy at the same University said, ” The long-term effects of reading is called shadow activities, which can activate subconsciously as muscle memory. Mainly reading makes our memory sharp in this process.”

Reading a book is a blessing

Reading is not only activated our language section but also speed up our sulcus neuroanatomy. Because the brain plays the main role in life and the world. That’s why our mental ability depends on most of our working life. As reading about any physical therapy books our brains respond with regards. As an example: Seabiscuit ( In 1938, American horse of the year ) this book is written by Laura Hillenbrand. When you read this book you are not riding any horse instead your brain can feel the same experience. Your brain will act as well as your analysis and thinking power will arise. There is a difference between the result of reading, different books have different influence. Finally, Reading a book is a blessing.

A research from Stanford University primarily detected that reading different analytical literature has strong effects on the active brain. MRI scan showed that who read Jon Austin novel their brain is most active, which does monitoring the analytical and working ability. As per others Simple literature doesn’t monitor. Hence, Reading a book is a blessing

Knowledge is power

If you or your friend is dyslexic or not book reader, will you be ready to read having those opportunities?
Remember one book can be a solution to a particular problem. A resource of Carnegie Mellon University told 8 to 10 years old Children are the common reader. Remedial reading – a hundred hours of class obviously can overwhelm their white meter which will be transacted to gray tissue. Researchers have decided that this not only developed children study based temporal cortex mentality but also helps to restructure brains. Finally, Reading a book is a blessing.

For full concentrate on reading, you should read regularly. Maryanne Wolf has written on her recently published book READER, come home, ” Without regularly reading our brains slightly loss the power of densely thinking. Luckily there is an effective way to just shut down the mobile and computer and go for reading 2 hours.”

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