Matter of conversation – Speak, Listen, React, Reply

Matter of conversation - Speak, Listen, React, Reply

Matter of conversation – Speak, Listen, React, Reply: Knowledge is the best moderator for sense and mind improvement, shaping behavior and morality by culture development and civil welfare. Stabling Knowledge makes our thoughts, ideas, and sprites informative. Applying knowledge will create wisdom. Wisdom ensure success.

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In our website, one reader or viewer not only can learn but also can build quality character by a basic sense of humor and logical behaving thought. Those who wish for immigrants and emigration life, making them fully aware and enlightened is our main prospect by using every section of the online platform. With expectations of a humanity based society, we make sensible content. People will forget superstition, narrow-mindedness and will be inspired by patriotism, humanity. By learning with a basic sense of humor one can be sensible and lightened.

It’s not really like that we all know all. But our learning process never stopped, mainly what we know we want to spread. That’s also a way to learn. Now I am going to share with you some opinions about conversation manners.

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Matter of conversation: Speak

SpeakSpeak: What we want or need how will other people get? If the expression is enough, then what’s the use of talking. Actually we have to speak up for ourselves. There is no other way. But we have to care about talking. According to purpose, there are 4 types of sentence are used: declarative, interrogative, imperative, exclamatory.

In writing time it’s easy to used punctuation marks ( .,!? ) and described the purpose. But when we speak the same sentence can be declarative or interrogative or exclamatory. “You are going with me” in this sentence it’s really difficult to understand he/she told or command or requested. After this, there is a matter of politeness especially when you try to ask or request something. (When the train has left?) and (Give me that.) typically these two sentences are harsh and rude.

A sentence can be considered in a good manner

What are you thinking about how many people could give a reply to these types of the sentence? We can use here — Could you tell me when the train has left and please give me that. Actually, for the polite sentence, we should use indirect sentences than a direct sentence. There are some keywords for making a polite sentence like excuse me, pardon me, please. “what time it is?” — “excuse me, what time it is?” Which one is more eligible? Now, remember one thing time is very valuable so always try to come to the point. Don’t think long off the point sentence can be considered in a good manner.

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Matter of conversation: Listen

ListenWhen we think about conversation 1st idea can become in our mind that is speaking. But not really, I think listening is more important than speaking. Because when we speak it’s important to explain or express but when we listen that’s more important to observation or reply. Most of the people prefer to speak first but I always try to listen first. After then some are just waiting for their turn. Little many people have well will to listen. It’s not so necessary, I have to be the first person. Listening to a process of giving time.

Start listening when your 8 years old little daughter returns home and she wanted to share with you something. Whatever how ridiculous story she described instead you don’t have time still you should listen. It will create a bonding with her. You can’t think when will you have retirement this time you will give her a huge time, telling stories, listening to her jokes. Already that time she knows how to live without you. Make it a habit if you have any relationship it’s more important than reading any unknown person post. According to WHO (World health organization) close to 800000 people die due to suicide that means 1 person per 40 seconds. We can’t deny that loneliness can provoke suicide or no one was there for them to listen to their pain. Privacy and loneliness are two different words but connect with one thread.

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Matter of conversation ReactReact: The reaction is obvious in a conversation. Many times people react very strangely in simple topics. Our reaction has such power to make any topic suspension, interesting, boring as the actors do. We all know in a film how some people acting in a fake character still we feel all are true. Someone gives you a gift it’s not really enough to say that you are happy. If your happiness never reflected in your reaction, others can easily know that it was a lie. I know many people whose behavior is good but I hardly understand their feedback good or not.

Sometimes my speech is also like that simple matter but reaction rude. Actually I like to talk straight without showing off. But most of the people consider straight as strict. So it’s very important to give a proper reaction. But please listen properly and take some time to react. Someone tells you,” I killed my husband” so don’t start panicking. The full sentence maybe,” I killed my husband, in a dream.” People usually very emotional after knowing anything they react instantly and many times it drops us in danger. You should justify any matter before react because every topic can’t be funny.

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Matter of conversation: Reply

ReplyThe reply is the most important part of a conversation. Maybe a question is the first sentence of starting then a reply is a controller to continue the conversation. The reply is like an art, so try to give full care of it. It’s not so necessary that every time reply means some words, sometimes silence considers as a reply. Many people used to say yes, no, very good, nice as a reply. But this is not really a polite way like, “Are you sad?” reply-” no, I am tired.” In this answer, you not only give the reply but also in proper shape.

It’s humble to carry on otherwise your just one ‘no’ or ‘yes’ can stop the conversation. Usually, we used THANKS at the end of the conversation or express gratitude. If you want to do a long conversation than avoid thanks, without thank you can show gratitude in your reply. Of course, avoid vulgar words. Now all are dependent on you actually what you want to reply.

So try these points, I am sure that you will discover some significant difference in your past and present conversation.

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