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How to get a sharper memory

How to get a sharper memory?
Ordinary people have a curiosity about the brains of extraordinarily talented people. Are their brains any different than ordinary human brains? Medical scientists have done extensive research to find the answer to this question. At the same time, the question arises, how can the brain be sharp? Is there any way from a young age, when practicing, can make people intelligent? In research, a human doesn’t use his full brain in his lifetime.

As a result, a large part of the brain remains unused. It is believed that the more the brain is exercised and exercised, the more it will become functional. There will also be sharp or rash. Some simple advice for arising IQ level and sharpen memory :

* In computer there are many types of games for arising memory. You can play these types of games. Play rhythm, puzzle, sudo code, Chase, these types of games can sharpen memory.

* Some tasks can be done to activate unused parts of the brain. Like you can use your opposite hand for doing the usual daily tasks.

* Daily sleep for 6 hours which can make your brain adroit. Whereas sleep more than 10 hours reduce brain capabilities.

* every day try to have fish in your diet list. Protein and omega-3 fatty acids make the brain refresh and efficient.

* Walk at least 30 minutes or simple exercise can increase blood circulation in the brain.

* The brain can be active for many ages by avoiding smoking and controlling hypertension.

* Light music helps to solve complex brain problems.

* You need to become aware of the ability of your brain to increase your intellect or intelligence.

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How to get a sharper memory

Exercise increases the size of the brain. Exercise is the key to a healthy body and mind.

This is a very true fact that by exercise not only muscle size increase but also brain size arise. Exercise increases the number of synapses in the brain. this creates new cells in the brain. And cardiovascular exercise provides higher levels of oxygen and glucose to the brain. Cardio exercise that focuses on raising heart rate such as walking (not strolling) running, skipping, hiking,  rowing, swimming, dancing, bicycling, skiing, skating. The best cardio exercise is doing the ones that you like to do.  If you exercise in the open space, then you can excess vitamin d.

Tips: You can start roaming, join new work or start working on your new idea. As an example: if you like to do gardening then you can do it with your friends. If you like walking, then find a partner for the company. Overall you have to enjoy all the circumstances. That helps to improve the brain through exercise.

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Walking increases memory

How to get a sharper memory.
In many studies, it has been proven that actors do the same.  If you walk and try to mesmerize any word or sentence, that would be remembered by you for a long time. Walk-in nature, it’s really good for health. Green scenario keeps our minds clam. That’s why cities people are leading a depressed life than villagers.

Tips: So next time, for memorizing any presentation or speech read and walk. Even you can come out a little. Spend some time with nature.

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How to get a sharper memory: For a healthy brain choose suitable food

20% of your diet’s carbohydrates and energy go to your brain. The function of the brain depends entirely on its glucose levels. If this level-ups and down, it can be unwholesome for the brain. Dopamine is one of the chemicals that affect happiness. Dopamine is a chemical messenger that carries signals between brain cells.  Dopamine chemicals are spread in the ‘reward area’ of your brain by eating the foods you love the most.

Then you feel a happy feeling. But in addition to a strong brain, you need to keep an eye on your stomach. More than one trillion microbes live in the human body’s maturation. These also have a connection with your brain. Balancing these microorganisms is very important for the health of the brain. Actually stomach considered as ‘2nd brain’. When healthy food enters the stomach, its benefits reach the brain through these microorganisms.

Tips: Brain is structured by fat, so fully fatless diets shouldn’t be acceptable. Nuts, seed’s oil, fish, etc are good for health. And eating alone is not good. Eating with everyone is beneficial for the brain.

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Find your relaxing zone. The gap is also important in working time

How to get a sharper memory.
Actually small mental pressure is good. It helps in sudden danger to a stable mentality. Cortisol is a hormone that stimulates the body and improves concentration. But in the long run, stress and anxiety are very bad for the brain. So for relaxing, it’s important to take some space from work. Give your brain space, totally switch off yourself. Activate your other part of the brain then give the brain the opportunity to exercise.

Tips: If you have difficulty relaxing, you can seek help from yoga or mindfulness exercises. It will help you to reduce your stress hormone.

Do new things.
By learning new ideas the brain will be more efficient.

How to get a sharper memory.
Making brain stong, do the challenge your brain doing new work. By drawing and learning a new language, it can be possible.

Tips: Alone or together start an online game. It’s not only challenging but also increasing your social network.

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Power is hidden in the tune.
By music brain become attentive.

It’s probably true that music can make the brain excited. If we can capture a picture of the mind in the time of listening to music, that will be shown full brain becomes excited by music. The brain can hold long memories of music. It is effective in preventing mental conditions such as dementia. Dementia is a broad category of brain disease. It’s not a part of aging. Dementia is a loss of thinking, remembering and reasoning skills.

Tips: Joined any music band or attend your favorite Singer’s function or concerts.

Read in the bed.
The scientist said there some benefits to reading exam time lessons in bed.

During the day, when you are learning something new, a new neurosurgeon connects with a neuron in your brain. That connection is even stronger when you fall asleep. Whatever you learn, that saved as a memory. An experiment shows that, if you give a list someone before going to bed for mesmerizing he can easily remember that in the morning. On the contrary, if you give a list in the morning to mesmerize, it’s difficult to commit to memory in the evening time.

But bad retention shouldn’t call to mind before sleeping. It creates bad effects on the brain. That’s why horror films shouldn’t watch at bedtime. Instead of you can recollect the whole day’s good tasks.

Tips: Try to mesmerize your exam lesson before sleeping and fall asleep to try.

How to get a sharper memory: Wake up early with the start of the day

Sleep is how important I don’t need to explain. Sleeping less than 5 hours is harmful to health and after 10 hours of sleep, the brain does not have time to wake up. But the key to better utilizing the whole of the day lies in how you wake up. The best time for sleeping after darkness and it’s better to wake up with sunshine. When the sun’s rays penetrate your closed eyelids, it stimulates the brain to release cortisol hormone. As a result, you wake up. So the amount of cortisol hormone is spread to your body will depend on how you work at the day.

Tips: Use an alarm clock as the sun rises and the volume gradually increases. After waking up do your most important work like study, presentation, project before your battery down.

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