Future of planet: Climate Change and Global Warming

Future of planet with climate change

Future of planet: Climate change is a very common word for people all over the world. Day by day the effects of climate will be increased. According to Wikipedia, scientists project that “By 2020, from 500-750 million people will be affected by stress caused by climate change,” plus there will be an increase in floods and droughts along with low lying coastal areas.

Future of planet
Climate change and Global warming


Future of planet: Climate change effects for future

The temperature will increase to rising: Rising temperature is an obvious symptom of climate change it’s called global warming. But can we bear this temperature? After starting this world is increasing temperature is 1°. The climate scientist wanted to tie this temperature at 2°. But actually we don’t have any idea how much or how progressively the average temperature of the earth will be increased.

If people burn fossil fuels like the current rate and add greenhouse gases to space the average temperature will be increased by about 4° to 12° by the year 2100. If we can make a huge change, take proper steps like using more reliable resources instead of fossil fuels, the average temperature can be less than 2° to 5°. The major effects on high temperature will affect agriculture, water supply, energy, health, plants, animal and ecosystem, forest, recreate.

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Future of planet: Heatwave

Because climate change the atmosphere will be. It’s common that we want to go outside on the warm, enjoying the sunny day. Heatwave will be common in the future. It will be the war to spend time outside and the weekend lovers will become a weekend warrior. This year 2019 Summer’s heat became in an extreme position in many countries. Hot weather can be a massive problem for human health even something it can be the reason for deaths.

The first category like pets, elderly, people of chronic illness will be affected by heatwave. How about the outside game? The future sportsman is in real danger. In high heat index days, sports and heat will be mix danger. In hot humid weather, sweat cannot evaporate as easily from the skin so athletes are at a greater risk of developing an illness such as heat stroke and heat exhaustion. It’s like playing with death. But rising exposure, hot weather can increase anyone’s core temperature, leading to dehydration, heat exhaustion or even heat stroke.

Those can take you to kidney failure or tissue damage. Now people donate homeless or poor people sweater and implement for protection from cold. In future rich people will start to donate heat-related items like drinking water, sports drink, sunglasses, sunscreen, hats, portable fans in their locality.

Future of planet: More droughts

Droughts are increasing numbers in the Middle East and South Asia. And the big problem is that all this area is highly populated which can take a big amount of lives. Increasing heat, changing rainfall patterns and less snowpack is contributing to Drought condition.

Droughts can highly affected livestock and crops like corn, soybean, wheat. The water level of rivers will decrease. Wildfire will grab millions of forested acres and thousands of homes. When heat waves coincide with droughts, electricity demands can grow, compounding stress on the grid. Hydroelectric power may be become unavailable due to Drought.

The frost-free season will length

Future of planet: The frost-free season is also called as a growing season. As burning fossil fuels and increasing greenhouse gases will be increased as well as the growing season will also length. Already the days of the growing season in the 20th century are 15 days longer than the past. A longer Frost-free season means more pests will survive into winter can damage the crops. An extended Frost-free season also means a longer allergy season as long as it’s favorable for mosquitos and ticks which can potentially increase public health problems. As greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise, this frost-free trend will likely contribute even more detrimental health and agricultural effects across the U.S.

Hurricane will become stronger and more intense

From the 1970s increasing activities hurricane. But in a future hurricane will not be more but that will be more intense. It will carry higher wind speed and more precipitation because of global warming. When a hurricane strike in the coastal area it grab many other hazards like heavy rai, a Strom surge, tornadoes, riptide, etc. All are caused by deaths to drowning.

The Arctic will become ice-free

Future of planet: Ice has been a relatively constant feature of the Arctic for most of the past 36 million years. That incredibly rapid rate of climate change – 10 times faster than any change record over the previous years. It’s the signal of extinction-worthy. Our ancestors have not faced their contribution to climate change but the descenders will.

Insect attacks

Increasing temperature and warm weather are supportive of the production of insects on the other animal can’t survive in this situation. Both make a huge change in the living and eating cycle. Insects can’t be reduced by prestige even many types of insects life never effected by poisoning.

Insects size is small but their production ability is plenty. But it’s not appropriate for every insect especially on the helpful insects like Bee which the main source of pollination. Without pollination how can the ecosystem run? Already using the amount of huge insects killer decrease many useful well-known and unknown insects. In future insects, attacks damage the crops, hampered the normal life. The human can’t find the way how to fight this little figured over amount enemy because the natural insect killer animal will be a shortage on the planet.

The incurable disease will increase

Future of planet: The land will be underwater, rising temperature, insect attacks all are the swelling reasons of disease like dengue, malaria, typhoid, dysentery, influenzas, smallpox, kidney failure, fever, plague, anthrax, cholera, typhus, etc. Scientist aspects that climate change melting the permafrost soils that have been frozen from thousand of years.

As the soil melts they are realizing ancient viruses and bacteria that have lain dormant, are springing back to human life. Threatening matter is that these types of viruses or bacteria only can notice by microscope. Their size can be tiny as well as their effects will be fastest. Before scientists can detect the disease it will be spreading up, the situation will be out of control.

Whatever is written in ‘Future of planet: Climate Change and Global Warming’ it’s just a trailer full picture of climate change can’t be really described by anyone.

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