Your one single step can make a difference in climate change adaptation

Your one single step can make a difference in climate change adaptation

climate change adaptation: When people speak about adaptation, they often mean a ‘feature’ (a trait) that helps an animal or plant survive. Adaptation is essential in order to survive and move ahead in the world. I already wrote a post about some cure and prevention of climate change. That post was about how can we fight with climate change . Reforestation, building weatherization, renewable energy, reducing fuel emissions, waste disposal, education all points can’t be fulfilled by a particular one. We need more people, power, political leaders, influencers. But most aren’t agree. So shall we wait? Our one individual step can make a difference, we can’t wait for someone will start or not. Charity begins at home.

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Climate change adaptation

Plant trees
Plant trees are one main weapon for fighting climate change. For overpopulation or overpriced expenses make our life complex. Maybe we all don’t have any big garden area but still, I hope everyone has at least some space as much balcony. So don’t waste time plant trees how and what doesn’t matter. If you don’t have to keep them, plant them in government area even graveyard. If plants are costly for you, then collect the seeds whatever you and your family eat sow them whereas they can survive. And having a garden can give nutritious fruits which less your food expenses. Plant trees on the south side of your home will give you shade in the summer season and sunshine in winter. It’s better than an air conditioner or thermostat. Planting trees is the most effective individual way to make a difference in the carbon footprint.

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climate change adaptation: Concise the eating habits

In 2019, the IPCC released a summary of the 2019 special report which asserted that a shift towards plant-based diets would help to mitigate and adapt to climate change. Eating less meat, especially beef, and lamb can reduce emissions and a plant-rich diet is good for health which is your individual action also. There is a huge impact is connected with meat cultivation like deforestation, biodiversity loss, and declining water tables. Your little meat-free week can be helped to planet live some days. So have plans of plates but for the planet.

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Turn down the heat and cool

climate change adaptation: A huge amount of energy just only use for heating and cooling in the room. It’s not so difficult just wear a sweater it will reduce your electricity bill and much natural warm feeling. Stop wash clothes in hot water. Obviously it’s a way to energy saving but it also good for your clothes. With the increasing temperature of the environment the cooling energy demand increasing day by day.

Passive and active improvements are modeled in a residential building. Eight different energy improvement measures can be applied in the initial building model: 6 passive (infiltration, insulation thickness, glazing and frame type, window area, shading devices, and natural cross ventilation) and 2 active (mechanical ventilation and a heat recovery system) measures. You can apply this to your house building and reduce your carbon footprint.

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Climate change adaptation: Use efficient home appliances

In our home, there are so many appliances that are contributing to carbon footprint like the air conditioner, heater, greaser, bulbs, refrigerator, etc. New energy-efficient appliance models that use as little as half of the energy as their predecessors are available on the market. We should buy these type appliances, First, major home appliances account for approximately one-third of residential electricity consumption, a principal source of greenhouse gases. Second, appliance purchases give consumers a direct opportunity to affect greenhouse gas emissions. And there are good signs that most people want to save money and energy and eco-friendly products. Use renewable energy-efficient appliances then you can be their inspiration.

Care about transportation

Climate change adaptation: On surface or air for the rapid lifestyle, we are very much dependent on transport. That needs so much fossil fuel energy to spend and make emissions. Walking and running can be a slow process but you can try cycling. Use public transport like bus, train, metro which are emit fewer greenhouse gases than cars. One more thing old and faulty engine makes emissions than new, so don’t use this type. Aviation is much more difficult to fix technically than surface transport. So it’s better to be avoided totally.

Having one child

Climate change adaptation: At this point, we know our planet how much affected by climate change and overpopulation has a great contribution to that. Overpopulation can make many problems with climate change . Ultimately those are also connected with this. Ensuring a girl’s education can be created a great impact on family planning. Researchers say one child can contribute much in carbon emissions than a teenager who can prevent this by cycling, control food habits. So having one child is the easiest way in this list and a good contribution.

Dispose of trash properly

Climate change adaptation: Waste or trash is becoming a threat to our life. Plastic is easy to carry and the cheapest one to packaging. But plastic is rottenness. The combo pack with waste and trash can’t blend with soil which makes water pollution, soil pollution directly. Some people dispose of trash by firing but it creates air pollution. Firstly stop using plastic, avoid plastic packaging, prefer Eco-friendly products. Don’t throw here and there your trash only put them dustbin. Use 2 types bin one for digestible waste which can use as compost and one for indigestible trash.

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Reducing waste, recycling and composting are effective ways to decrease the generation of greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide and methane. Studies show that deforestation and landfills account for about 25% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions annually, a figure which can be greatly reduced by doing our part and recycling. Recyclable materials include many kinds of glass, paper, cardboard, metal, plastic, tires, textiles, batteries, and electronics. Recycling of metals can be a particularly powerful way to save energy. Food and organic waste can be used as compost and metal or plastic container can be used as pots for plants.

Do discussion

Climate change adaptation: It’s not like that we don’t love our planet or don’t want to do anything for the next generation. But there is a matter that this climate change is not considered a problem. But why? Because of the lackness of publicity or knowledge about climate change. So whatever you know start sharing with your family friend. It’s not likely everyone will take it seriously but apart all you will find someone who will understand moral. Maybe she /he can be a great climate warrior than you.

Do action

Of course, the action is more preferable than advice. Maybe there is no one who can think about climate like you. One man can’t make any difference, but that doesn’t mean you stop. Greta Thunberg proved that one can make a huge difference. It’s quite odd that you were invited to any marriage anniversary where you gifted a plant to the couple. On your birthday you planting trees no party. Enjoying the holiday but not use aircraft. Avoiding eat red meat, trying to the best use every product even wastage, walking instead have a car, using recycled products.

These all points one can make an individual step for a better planet and it’s more than any movement.

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