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First of all, the Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS) is the most competitive exam in Bangladesh. Probably, you dream of becoming a BCS cadre. You should be from now on BCS preliminary exam preparation hardly.

Maybe, Your BCS preparation will very easy. Whatever you read, decide first, whether you really need to read it or not. Most noteworthy, it’s more important to decide what not to read. also, what to read. Because most of the time many candidates did extra preparation out of the syllabus which is actually they don’t need.

Your BCS journey will be successful only if you add a little intelligence to your intense desire and passion for BCS. It is best to study BCS preparation at home. You can spend at least 6 hours at home studying and the rest of the time use positively. For Bangla Desk readers who will be attended in the BCS exam, wishing their future achievement we are here with the preparation of the BCS preliminary exam. 41st BCS Preliminary exam preparation given below. We hope the Bangla desk will make your BCS journey easy.

BCS Exam: BCS Preparation strategy

An intense desire to become a BCS cadre has to be kept in mind. The Brazilian famous author Paulo Coelho wrote in his most famous book ALCHEMIST, ‘If you have a strong desire for something, everything in the universe will start to intrigue you.’  An intense desire can be worked like magic. The will to gain something will force you to get that. Whether it is studying or training hard to climb the Himalayas. For arising the desire to become BCS cadre, firstly you have to have confidence.