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Blogging profession: every newbie Blogger should know

Every work has effects, bad effects, and good effects. As well as in the blogging profession there are many advantages and disadvantages. Many people start blogging as a hobby but after some time they make it their profession, on the other hand, many starts with huge zeal but they couldn’t continue. So for this before starting your blogging journey you should know the advantages, those can work like fuels on your blogging life. So let’s start, the advantages of the blogging profession.

Advantages of the blogging profession: peculiarity

The qualifications: Nowadays it’s a very common problem we face to apply in a job that is qualifications. The owner demand is too high that can’t possible in one human. They want a person with a capacity of  3 workers even in the salary of one. They ask a fresher to have 10 years of experience. Really 10 years ago he was in school. So don’t be sad, there are many professionals you can join, no need these types of qualifications. Blogging is one of them. No one asks you to show any certificate. If you have writing skills, skills, knowledge, and hard work mindset, you can be a ProBlogger.You have to be skilled to survive in the blogging world.

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Blogging profession: Earning

When anyone talks about profession the first priority comes to mind that is earning. For the necessity of life, we all want income. You can earn more than what you need which is not possible in any job. Many pro bloggers earn per month 1000$-100000$. This blogging world has so much potential. You have to work for a long time with patience and hard work. The potential possibility you have as much you give time in blogging. That doesn’t mean earning can possible from the start. It’s a slow system but a continuous process. You have to wait as you did for the salary. Once it starts you can quit the job and became a full-time blogger.

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 Become Researcher

Advantages of the blogging profession:
When a Blogger starts blogging the start to search and research before writing. May be for writing an article a ProBlogger needs 1 hour but many times he spends more than a week to make an article. It’s the matter on topic. Blogger should write if he has a good idea about the topic. If he didn’t then he will start search and research. Online or offline both he can use. Finding something on any topic, getting the information, making it available to readers what makes a blogger a good researcher, and increase interest in learning something new. Every day you can learn new things.

Become expert

Advantages of the blogging profession:
If you every day try to know something new about a topic, you will gain proper knowledge about that. Day by day you will be an expert on that topic. If you work in the blogging industry for a long time you will be considered as an expert on blogging.

Advantages of the blogging profession: Workplace

Many people don’t like to go out even many people are unemployed because they can’t skip home. Especially women and students. For the Blogging profession, you don’t need to hurry up early, wait for the bus, tension to reach office, 8-5 of working hours. Your home is your office without having any big set up. You can travel, you can study, can take care of family and spend time with them. The place is no problem. You can blog as your wish whenever, however. No one can ask you for any explanation. You will be your boss. You just only need your favorite writing device and internet connection.

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 Language and writing improvement

The blog is not any scientific calculation method or personal message exchange. The blog is often-informal but informative wordplay. Readers want to know the information but with pleasure. Without a good grasp of language, many businesses can’t run. When a blog site is a company for bloggers, he should have good language skills. Whether it’s for marketing text, sending emails or running the company website, good control of language can really help a company stand out and excel. Blog means writing, publishing, marketing. When you start a blog it will be like getting an Admission in blogging, then practice after then habit. To express your good language skills a blogger avoids grammatical mistakes, the fastest writing that helps a Blogger to have great writing skills. Once it will be really hard to find any mistake in blogger writing.

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Become future author

Advantages of the blogging profession:
As people think about publishing business, that’s really not like that. Many publishers never famous before publishing a famous author’s books. That’s why they contact the writer for introducing readers. Now here blogging comes. So Blogging is not only a process to become a writer but also a Published author.

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Your contact knew no border

Advantages of the blogging profession:
In blogging not only you can express your thoughts but also readers can express their feeling by comment, newsletter, connected with social media. You can convert with the same community people all over the world. The distance never fact. Then you get an opportunity to start something new. Maybe they connected with big corporations. Your blog attacks them, they could want to publish an article for grabbing your reader’s attention. For this guest blogger can help you to increase revenue. Who is a guest blogger? Those who wrote online if you invite them to your blog on your site will be a guest blogger. Both bloggers can grab new attention from readers.

 Opportunity for jobs

Anyone believes or not for me blogging is a skill development course. Obviously it improves your writing skills, writing practice makes your typing skills, communication skills, presentation skills, technical skills, computer programming, basic knowledge about editing, photo editing, SEO, planning, etc. So with the development of blogs, you will see creative skills like photography and video graphics. As you write more articles, you will also be building your portfolio. For this no need to have your own website. Write to another, This way you can spread your name.

Prosperity on business

Now every business is starting connected online. Some businesses only online. For any business having a website, it’s a plus point. Your business small or big that doesn’t matter if you have a blog on your website you can describe your services and product. Many business companies every day give updates and advertisements about their products for the customer. Even any blogger can start his new business by a blogsite.

 Opportunity to listen to celebrity story

Every person has his idols, a favorite person may be a long list of celebrities. But it’s not possible for to anyone talk with a celebrity. But for a blogging profession, you can do this. You can talk with them, take their interviews, publish their story and can spend some time with your favorite celebrity. The celebrity also likes most to spend time with his fan, not a reporter.

Having a stage to perform

In every blog post, you describe yourself how you are, who you are, what’s your ability. The blog is the voice of a blogger. It’s not like that people come here to know your character but still, your writing shouts many things. Are you funny or witty, informative or knowledgeable? Many bloggers became a motivational speaker after starting blogging. Your blog reflects how worthy you are for any company.

 Becoming celebrity

When a blogger starts full-time blogging he connected with worldwide people. He also has a special fan, a follower who will come to read his writing. They also follow you on social media, they subscribe to your email. For those fan followers, you are a celebrity.

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You will be persistent

Blog a long-term relationship. Your blog has to take time to introduce you as Blogger. Even for money-making. For this many became disappeared after some time. So for making blogging a profession, it makes you persistent.

A helpful profession

We live in a society. We all have some responsibility for our society and community.  A good blog help readers to give them information at free cost. As an example: how to buy a domain, how to reduce weight, how to solve the computer issues. Someone’s diary how to helps others it’s only possible in blogging. Someone asks your help after reading your writing, it’s better than any compliment. The power of blogging is to educate, inspire, and bring thought-provoking people together.

Blogging profession: Disadvantages of the Blogging profession

Every work has effects, bad effects, and good effects. As well as in the Blogging profession there are many advantages and disadvantages. Many people start blogging as a hobby but after some time they make it their profession, on the other hand, many starts with huge zeal but they couldn’t continue. So for this before starting your blogging journey you should know about all. That doesn’t mean I am scaring you. It will help you know, is it your world or not? Do you survive here or not? What will be the solutions? So let’s start, the disadvantages of the blogging profession.

Blogging profession: Loneliness

Writing is the act of solitude. If you are a full-time Blogger you will always alone. And the worse part if you don’t have an assistant then for all the work you have to solve with loneliness. You should make a habit to live alone. So can you imagine your life in a boring task like writing?

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Disadvantages of the Blogging profession:
It’s high time to say blogging is time – consuming task. It’s maybe easy to write 1000 words but what’s about before writing and after writing. A full-time Blogger gives his whole day searching, researching, writing, publishing, spreading, advertising, etc. So it’s really very hard to give time to family and friends. Maintaining a personal and professional life will be difficult.

Disadvantages of the Blogging profession: The activeness

We all know a blog can live decade to decade but don’t forget, you can survive only if you will active here. The consistency is the main fuel for ProBlogger. Do you check the last update time of the blog post? I do. It looks so bad it didn’t update yet in one year. A dead blog is worse than no blog. World’s famous Bloggers write usually 4-5 posts every day and keep updating their old posts, sharing them in social media.

Blogging profession: Content

Content is the life of the blog. Your content reflects your blog. To attract readers you have to write quality content every day. Now the Blogging industry is so much spreading. In one keyword thousand of result shows. Every day writes unique new content, is not an easy task. You know numerous topics people are searching for now but you can’t write about all. This will ruin the blog landmark.

Once you choose the theme of the blog, you will be stuck there. As an example, our website has an informative blog so we can’t post here movie or product reviews, jokes, cooking recipes. It’s difficult to show true facts but maximum Blogger does this. It depends on the topic of how will be the quality of Blogging and Blogger. If you want to be a ProBlogger you should write a unique and informative blog and even every time.

No guarantee of readers

Disadvantages of the Blogging profession:
If you are a full-time Blogger or part-time, you write the blog as a hobby or profession your main objective is readers. This reader is totally unpredictable. You start blogging that doesn’t mean people are waiting for reading your writing. There are many methods or techniques you can use to get readers such as sharing your blog site on social networking sites, SEO, invite family and friends, join the same community and so on. So don’t be sleepless by thinking your writing is good instead no one read that.

 Misunderstanding and dissenting opinion

What is your topic of the blog that doesn’t matter, you always find one who will disagree with you? First, understand their point of view, then judge their comments, criticism, opinion, you really deserve or not. Before responding think why they are disappointed. Try to reply to a polite answer instead of you didn’t agree with their negative and offensive comments. This answer should touch them. Many ProBlogger doesn’t like to argue in public or try to solve those in secretly.

Blogging profession: Blog troll

Disadvantages of the Blogging profession:
If you want to indicate the worst thing about Blogging it should be a troll. Troll is happening everywhere, it will happen in Blogging also. It will continuously happen which will give you pain by their comments. When you start a response they will more violent. Skip all, is the best idea. You also can delete them. They won’t stop until they notice that their comments are no longer published. You can block their IP address which you can find in their comments either you can complain to AWStats and Webalizer. But the real troll continuously changes those IP addresses even some use proxy.

Spam comments

If you open your comments section without approval, it’s obvious a bunch of spam comments will come to your blog. Spam means fake, vulgar words, illegal business links, porn sites, etc. Many people make spam comments and send them to blog sites which the software can indicate easily. If the comment is not matching with the content, Google considers it spam and as punishment reduces your ranking. Your readers read your comments with attention. If they find there any spam they will move anywhere. Continuously deleting spam comments is an unnecessary irritating time-wasting task. So keep approval on the comment section. The best option is, having a comment filter.

Financial crisis

After starting a blog you will be popular or earning plenty of money is not possible. But you need money. Many Bloggers have so scarcity that, they start their Blogging journey in a free platform. So it’s not possible for most people to do full-time Blogging. If you start as a full-time Blogger, you will fall into the money problem. After spending a Long time in blogging, still, you earn nothing you will become depressed. It will be tough for you to continue blogging.

People’s thought about you

Think your friends and neighbors lead a normal life. Rising in the morning, going to the office, returning home, spending time with family. But you live alone, no work, spend time with computer, still, you earn. People can think you doing something illegal. They find you as a nut. For you, it will be hard to realize them actually you have a profession. When they don’t have any idea about the internet, it’s a mission impossible.

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Your writing is always alive

Blogging is a profession of online. Your writing is always alive it’s not really a good scenario for all. Every Blogger learns a new lesson every day. For this, there will be a huge difference between the blogger’s new and old posts. Sometimes this can be totally opposite. Growing age and experience, the thinking of Blogger will be changed. For this, some bad work on past days can be created bad effects. So think before publishing anything, is it good for the future or not.

You will be in-home: blogging profession

In the Blogging profession you can live at home but every time it’s not good for you. You are living with your family, so every family members will watch out your activities, your family, friends, relatives, and neighbors never stopped their stupidity. You can’t escape their marriage ceremony, birthday party, death news. If you live in a noisy place you have to search for opportunities to write because writing is a matter of concentration. Your mom never allows you to sit the whole day in front of the computer, she has tension for your study and eyes. You can deal with your mom but what’s about your children. Mom does care for you where children care about nothing. They can continuously irritate you.

Sickness: blogging profession

Disadvantages of the Blogging profession:
In your sickness, you will be alone and you can’t work. If you don’t have any assistant your blogging will totally stop. As a normal human being sickness is also normal. This time you only can request anyone to write.


After listening to Blogging is not 8 hours of work, maybe you will be happy. But don’t surprised Blogging is 24/7 work. Yes, continuous work in the electronic devices will reduce your creativity if you are a full-time blogger. Whereas if you are a part-time Blogger, after completing office work your body can’t give you permission to start Blogging. Your body will want a relax zone.

You have no boss

In your own blog, you are your boss. No one gives you any order. No one pushes you for work. It’s good instead you need instructions and motivation. Having no boss, you have to take responsibility. Especially in the starting point, you should strict with yourself.

I described many points on the advantage and disadvantages of Blogging. A huge advantage and many disadvantages. Don’t consider my writing as a demotivational speech, take it as an alarm before falling in the problem. Every Blogger has its own way to solve the problem. Remember where’s a will there’s away.


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