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BCS preparation: How to prepare for the BCS Preliminary Examination

First of all, the BCS is the most competitive exam in Bangladesh. If you dream of becoming a BCS cadre, You should be from now on BCS preliminary exam preparation hardly. The Bangladesh Civil Service ( BCS) is a nationwide competitive examination in Bangladesh which is directed by the Bangladesh Public Service Commission (BPSC). Also, BCS examination has been recruiting every year for recruitment to the varied Bangladesh government officials cadres, including BCS (Admin), BCS (Taxation), BCS (Foreign Affairs), and BCS (Police) among others. One position of BSC is like a golden egg for many youths. The public considered BSC cadre a most respectful profession.

BCS examination preparation

The examination is conducted in three phases – the preliminary exam, the written examination and therefore the viva voce (interview). Probably, the whole process from the notification of the preliminary exam to a declaration of the ultimate results takes 1.5 to 2 years. Last year the record of applicants broke all the records of previous. A total of 4,67,537 candidates applied last year, the number of applicants was more Maldive’s population. For Bangla Desk readers who will be attended in this exam, wishing their future achievement we are here with the preparation of the BCS preliminary exam.

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Preliminary exam preparation Given below

We hope your BCS journey will make Bangla Desk easier. If you dream of becoming a BCS cadre, You should be from now on BCS preliminary exam preparation hardly. ‘Worldwide Lessons More, I am a student of everyone, / learning new things/day and night’. How do you want to prepare for BCS?

Writing it in a paper or notebook will allow you to evaluate your readiness. If you prepare for BCS with a little understanding, you can easily win the preliminary. It is important to decide what to read, what Don’t read. Whatever you read, decide first, whether you really need to read it or not. Your BCS journey will be successful only if you add a little intelligence to your intense desire and passion for BCS. It is best to study BCS preparation at home.

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41st BCS Preliminary exam preparation

How much time you have before the 41st BCS Preliminary exam, if you use them properly it’s possible to prepare well for the preliminary exam as well as some reading material for the written exam preparation. Preliminary is a written examination passport. Success in preliminary depends not only on one’s own ability but also on the fate of the day. Passing on Preliminary how much depended on fate, exactly success in the written exam is dependent on preparation. So you can prepare yourself. You can study at least 14-15 hours at home without unnecessarily leaving home. This will not happen in one day. Try to increase everyday study time. Read 15 minutes much than the previous day.

Give yourself a small gift if you can meet a big reading goal. That will increase your concern for study. If you feeling tired after reading, start reading a simple topic. Start imagining what you wanted to be, how will people feel after seeing your achievement. Suppose how will be life after changing. It will cut a lot of dullness of reading. Is there anything near to you which can grab your attention keep that aside.

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BCS preparation: English

In BCS Preliminary exam you have to attentive for 2 objects for getting good marks on English.

1. Spelling should be corrected
2. The grammatical mistake cannot be made.

The above topics should be remembered for practicing in English. See the previous BCS written exam questions. You can understand the question type of English part from the previous question. Keeping in mind some of the written test preparation, you can easily reach the desired goal. In the BCS exam, the most important part is the translation. A very simple translation does not usually come up in the BCS exam. This part should be practiced a little differently from now on. Try to translate the editorials of various English and Bengali newspapers regularly. In the English part of the preliminary examination, questions are usually asked about grammar and usage in the language part.

There is a great deal to be learned
from various publishing books and job solutions:

  1. You can also find some books including English for the competitive exams,
  2. A passage to the English language,
  3. Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary,
  4. Longman dictionary of contemporary English,
  5. Michael Swan’s Practical English usage,
  6. Raymond Murphy’s English grammar in use,
  7. John Eastwood’s oxford practice grammar,
  8. Timothy J. Fitikides’s common mistakes in English.
Make it a habit to look for answers to various questions from the books. For example, after the word ‘entrust’ both ‘to’ and ‘with’ is applicable. The simplest way to learn English is to practice writing regularly. In writing time forget about spelling and grammatical mistakes, once you make a habit of writing then you can easily realize which is correct or not. Check them out after writing. You have to give time and effort regularly.

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You can also collect and study some Bangladeshi books, including Norman Lewis’s word power made easy, McCarthy and O’Dell’s English vocabulary in use. From the evening MBA admission test of Dhaka University, only the vocabulary portion will be useful from the previous year’s questions. Start read daily English newspaper and give time to understand the reports, editorials, and letters to the editor on various issues. Your written exam will be easier.

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BCS Preliminary exam preparation for the English part

The preparation of English literature
Who did the honors-masters in English, they also cannot answer one or two questions in this section? Due to negative marking, it is not possible to answer all the questions in the competitive exam. Dealing with English literature from past BCS exam questions, job solutions, guide books, and the internet will help you succeed in English literature. For English grammar, these 2 books definitely help you a lot: Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English.

You can collect some more books as well. Usually, the creator of these questions does not create questions from a guide book or coaching sheet. Even the answer to the same question is different in the different guide book. Forgiving the correct answers,  you have to learn about the use of the English dictionary then the grammatical mistake will be 0% likely to be. Practice with example is the best exercise. Firstly it will be disgusting but regular practice can improve your skills. By a few months of practice, it’s possible to get 100% proficiency in English grammar.

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BCS Preliminary exam preparation strategy:
Mathematical logic

The questions that come up in the mathematical reasoning part of the preliminary test that is simple, you will surely be able to answer but can you answer them in 1 minute? For this, you should exercise with the shortcut method. In the preliminary exam, every mathematical question can be solved by shortcuts. Learn the method, it is very good if you can create your own invention method, then it will not be wrong to answer such mathematical questions. There is no grammatical rule for mathematical questions.


The method you invented may not match the other method. It’s enough to match with the answer. Solve it by writing a shortcut formula next to the question on the pages of the book. If you can solve the questions by using the small space of the page, without a calculator then your preparation is really good. In the BCS Preliminary exam, every question can be solved by the backtracking method. Options of the answer can be set up in the formula or questions then you can solve this question easily. You also can use the POE (path of exile) method. Use the most probable 2 options for solving the question. If you likely use this 2 Technic correctly, you can answer all questions quickly.

For mathematics many exercises with textbooks of National textbook board. But the problem is that many unnecessary lessons are also studied. For reading those all, you don’t have any time actually. You can solve at least two good guide books or job math questions for each math problem in the simplest way. You can collect such books that have a bunch of mathematical questions. If you start a chapter, do not get off the reading table without finishing it, you have to have such a determination. You can test all the chapters of 2 model test books.

41st BCS Preliminary exam preparation strategy:
BCS preparation: Mental ability

The questions of the mental ability part are mostly strategical. Stay calm, keep your mind stable and give full attention to shoving questions. In this part questions are easy. But for some those are complex than most complicated. For mental ability, you can buy 2/3 sets guide book including 2-3 IQ test books.

Also, solve the past BCS written exam questions and Dhaka university’s evening MBA admission test question bank. Keep one thing on your mind that you have to gain full Marks on the mental ability section. Follow guide books, IQ test books, search google for ‘verbal/abstract/mechanical reasoning/space relations / numerical ability/spelling and language practice’ by entering various sites and solving regular questions. There is no chance to get a common question. For getting good marks there is no option without regular practice. Common sense will be more useful than knowledge for doing good in this part.

Geography, environment and disaster management and ethics, values ​​and good governance.

Geography, Environment and disaster management you can follow 2-3 guide books and the social science textbook of class 9-10. See the previous BCS exam questions most of the questions appeared from that social science book. For ethics, values and good governance read 2-3 guide books. You can read Muhammad Habibur Rahman’s book ‘ Nagorikder Jana valo (good to know citizens). For Answering this section common sense is most important. If you think differently, different answers will come in mind to this question. The PSC intentionally asks such questions, so that no one answers them. Negative marks are the reward of a negative answer when one is tempted to answer.

 Some tips  BCS preparation

*** Preliminary is not the highest marks power test, only the test of passing the cut-off marks. The preliminary pass is the same as getting 190 or 120 passing the preliminary is the same thing. The extra effort of unnecessary marks can be spent preparing for written examinations.

*** Challenge with yourself. You are a competitor of yourself. Observe, could you do something more than the previous day. Always take this challenge, whether today’s ‘you’ is ahead of yesterday’s ‘you’.

*** smart work is better than a lot of hard work. You have to do good in every section. So when you are preparing, you cannot put all your effort into your strength. But that doesn’t mean give full attention to your weakness. Try to make good in every portion.

*** Many people have the wrong idea, the first time with BCS does not have success! They think they will do a good preparation in next year. Even some didn’t participate due to their preparation is not good. Many became a cadre in the first attempt. Immortal creations are the first time writers have written like PATHER PANCHALI, The 400 Blows, The Catcher in the Rye, To kill a Mockingbird, The Kite Runner.

Just remembered 2 matter

1. Try to understand, what others can do, is it really necessary for you to do?
2. You can compare yourself to yesterday’s with you today by stopping comparing yourself with others.

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Preliminary exam preparation tips

*** Solve all the questions of guide books. How much you solve this question as much your percentage of success will arise. Collect 2-3 model test books after then try to solve the 2/3 model question every day. No need to be upset if you get a small number in the model tests.

It’s more important than what you know, how much you can use what you know. It’s more important to give the exam properly than having a good result.

*** Don’t run over for coaching center, stay in home study 13-15 hours per day for BCS exam preparation. All sleep, rest and wonderings will happen after the BCS cadre, you can decide.

*** Don’t answer all the questions by doing blind gazing, but there is nothing wrong with doing some intellectual gassing. Solve 3 questions and get 1.5 is much better than solve 6 problems and get 0. Do mistakes within intelligence. Failing to succeed is a big industry too.

*** In competitive exam confidence is more important than preparation. Believe ‘I am the best’. This thought can work like magic. Time and tide wait for none. What are you doing now, it’s a moment for you next day that will be just a memory. So now it’s dependent upon you, these memories will be good or bad.

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 preparation strategy: General Science.

For BCS preparation don’t think about your academic background that you are from a science or not. Don’t neglect general science then you can’t get good marks. In this section, questions are created so that students from any background can get the same advantage or disadvantages. For general science, you can follow good publishers at least 2 books and also read job solutions questions. Read class 9-10 general science textbook. Check the previous year’s questions.

You can find there are so many questions are commonly come every year. Even similar types of questions like the human body and disease, animal planet, food and nutrition, computer and internet, simple physics, natural philosophy, etc. In the guide book, there are many lessons out of the syllabus. Just read the short questions and notes from the two written test guide books, it will be very helpful for your BCS preparation. You can also follow the newspaper and the internet for general science.

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Even before eating mango you can check what it’s the scientific name. That is not a big deal. You can spend up to one-third of your daily reading time on writing. However, two types of reading can be readied at one time without reading all of the BCS written tests.

*** Which portion have similarities with Written-test read those.
*** You can read some sections, including short questions, notes, short notes.
*** Which part is your weakness give attention to that.
*** Which lessons you are really good at all, don’t be careless due to overconfident.

You can do this 10 days before the preliminary examination

*** Before BCS Preliminary exam you can use 160 hours for preparation in those 10 days.
*** These 10 days try 50 model tests to solve.
*** Solve preliminary digest and different preliminary special books.
*** Revise question banks and 2 job solutions.
*** Avoid phone, Facebook, IMO, what’s up, Viber, Youtube, TV.
*** You can forbear from reading all types of reference books in these 10 days.
*** Read more questions less than the discussion part.

*** For general science you can follow question Bank and job solutions.
*** Practice mathematical logic except for arithmetic.
*** For Bengali and English literature read the government job questions.
*** Whatever you read from the Bengali and English grammar before,
just read it once more.
*** you can read secondary high school’s social science book for geography, environment and disaster management.
*** Stop thinking about those questions, the answer to that you never find.

By searching ‘Bangla desk BCS preparation’ by google, you can find updated information about BCS preparation. We wish you a very successful life and career.

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