BCS preparation strategy for becoming a BCS cadre

BCS Preliminary exam preparation for the English part

First of all, the Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS) is the most competitive exam in Bangladesh. Probably, you dream of becoming a BCS cadre. You should be from now on BCS preliminary exam preparation hardly.

BCS preparation strategy:
‘I am a student at a worldwide school and I learn from everyone.’ How do you want to prepare for BCS?
Writing your BCS preparation in a paper or notebook will allow you to evaluate your readiness. If you prepare for BCS with a little understanding, you can easily win the preliminary.

Maybe, Your BCS preparation will very easy. Whatever you read, decide first, whether you really need to read it or not. Most noteworthy, it’s more important to decide what not to read. also, what to read. Because most of the time many candidates did extra preparation out of the syllabus which is actually they don’t need.

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BCS preparation strategy

Your BCS journey will be successful only if you add a little intelligence to your intense desire and passion for BCS. It is best to study BCS preparation at home. You can spend at least 6 hours at home studying and the rest of the time use positively. For Bangla Desk readers who will be attended in the BCS exam, wishing their future achievement we are here with the preparation of the BCS preliminary exam. 41st BCS Preliminary exam preparation given below. We hope the Bangla desk will make your BCS journey easy.

Bangladesh civil service

Bangladesh civil service(BCS) is the nationwide competitive examination in Bangladesh conducted by the Bangladesh Public Service Commission (BPSC) for recruitment to the numerous Bangladesh official gov cadres, including BCS (Admin), BCS (Taxation), BCS (Foreign Affairs), and BCS (Police) among others. Nowadays millions of young fellow desire to get dream job BCS cadre. Everyone wants to get to the top of their goal.

The country’s most competitive exam is the BCS. That’s why many are studying hard to harder for just touch the golden deer. Apart from all success is a shining star, everyone can see glow but can’t be illuminated in that light. Those who desired with dare they became a winner. If you want to become a BCS cadre, you must meet the 3 requirements. These 3 strategies can be considered as ‘rules of thumbs’ to get success in the BCS exam.

BCS preparation strategy: First Rule 

An intense desire to become a BCS cadre has to be kept in mind. The Brazilian famous author Paulo Coelho wrote in his most famous book ALCHEMIST, ‘If you have a strong desire for something, everything in the universe will start to intrigue you.’  An intense desire can be worked like magic. The will to gain something will force you to get that. Whether it is studying or training hard to climb the Himalayas. For arising the desire to become BCS cadre, firstly you have to have confidence. It is important to have a consistent level of knowledge about the level of your ability. The concept of having an academic background and the degree to which you can become a BCS cadre.

Academic results

Maybe you have wrong ideas about BCS cadre’s ability and academic background. First make that clear the most BCS cadres are usually medium-talented candidates who have academic results or CGPA medium quality or general standard. After passing from National University many students got good cadre’s post. At the time of examining the answer sheet of the exam number 1100 out of the total 1300 number of BCS exams, no one from the examiner or the PSC can know the result of the examinees or who has passed the examination from any institution.

In Viva

If you got the leastwise mark, they have to give you at least 80 (pass-marks) out of 200. Now, the non-cadre first class and second class posts are recruited through the BCS examination. So if you pass the written test, you are less likely to be dropped from Viva. The probability of getting a job in any BCS cadre or non-cadre first and second class positions is 60% – 80%.

BCS exam likely tests Cricket match. If you do badly in an exam there are so many chances to succeed by making good performance in other exams. You have to be regular and do smart study. It’s true that if you have the desire to get something, you are almost 100% likely to get it. In any situation stay motivated.

BCS preparation strategy: Second Rule 

You have to follow a planned preparation. For getting a job many do preparation but how many do pointful preparation? There is a huge difference between academic study and job study. That’s why we should start preparing for a job study from the graduation section with academic study. After finishing the academic study and start studying for a job, the age of entry into government service will be almost over to get a job.

After finishing the academic study within 2 years a kind of psychological vacuum will work in you, a kind of pain and restlessness will drive you away. To escape from this kinda psychological vacuum, you should start a hardcore job preparation after completing graduation. The best preparation not for losing. ‘Hard preservation for easy job war.’ It’s a true fact that, if you prepare hard, it will be easy to pass the BCS exam. It’s appropriate for every competition.

BCS preparation strategy

To become a BCS cadre, you have to seriously participate in BCS exam. 60% of examinees participate in this exam casually. Many people go to BCS exams with self-preparation only on luck or beliefs. This is only a waste of time. Spend your full Energy to participate in the BCS exam. Try this way, if you fail instead of you feel the comfort that you have made the least effort possible. In good attempt, you fail but there is no loss.

Many have the ability to get BCS job but they couldn’t get due to lucklessness of confidence and unsmart preparation. I have seen countless ordinary meritorious students become BCS cadre just because of their hard work and perseverance. From experience, those who work hard for BCS exams if they cannot get BCS cadre post but get any other first or second class government jobs. Believe it or not, 40% of BCS cadre are not so meritorious students but hard-worker.

BCS preparation strategy: Third Rule 

You will need to spend a lot of time on feasibility studies to determine preparation strategies. A feasibility study is an assessment or analysis of the practicality of a proposed project or system. Those who are tactical and hardworking, they only could exist in this competition. How much stronger or meritorious you are, that doesn’t matter if you don’t have any strategy you will fail. Of course, you have to study about your ability, on BCS question and syllabus.

Read a suitable book properly in proper time. During the preparation of the BCS exam, many examinees waste a lot of time due to system-loss which is irreparable. If you think that you can understand the strategy by participating in the BCS exam, then you are living in a fool’s paradise. Time and tide wait for none. You can follow the Facebook group or page where present BCS cadre shares their advice and experience. They write many things about many topics. You can gather a good idea but however, these are separately posted.

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Due to the passing of the BCS ‘non-cadre recruitment (special) rules-2010 and the amended BCS non-cadre recruitment (special) rules-2014, many posts of government first and second class are now recruited through BCS examination. Before 2010 non-cadre was not recruited by the BCS exam. But at present, the salaries have doubled in Government service, so the BCS cadre, non-cadre first class, and second class government jobs have become highly attractive jobs.

To start a full proof preparation plan for the BCS exam. What are you thinking when is the exact time to start preparation? The answer is now or never. That means, if you do not start now, you may never have the time to start exercising. As sooner as you start preparing for a job, you will get the government job after completing graduation.


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