Wednesday, April 8, 2020
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Assalamualaikum. I am Rowshon Ara. I am from Bangladesh. I have a huge interest in blogging. Blogging is the only way to describe my thoughts to other people and most importantly which can remain decade to decade. If you really notice something special from my writing don't forget to inform me in the comment section. It can take only some seconds but which can make my day. Have a good day.

Climate change of Bangladesh: The POSTER CHILD of climate change

Climate change of Bangladesh: calculations of casualties for rising sea level due to climate change, the worldwide researchers have named Bangladesh as a POSTER...

The climate of Bangladesh – seasons, land, forest, river, sea, atmosphere

Describe the climate of Bangladesh: According to climatic type tropical regions have two seasons - the wet and the dry. Most noteworthy, Monsoon areas around...

The easy definition of the greenhouse effects of the universe

Greenhouse effects are such a situation that has been making the climate bad to worse. Furthermore, Now climate, weather, the atmosphere is the most...

Global warming is the main effect of climate change?

The world's climate is changed drastically. Global warming is the main effect of climate change. But when it's time to talk about climate change...

what is climate change and how will it affect humans

climate change and how will it affect humans? Changing is the most common word in the world. Changing is fated no one can defeat. Sometimes...

Effects of technology: The positive and negative effect of technology

The effects of technology are affected by every step of life. It depends on us how to use those. All manner of technology surrounds...