Rowshon Ara

Assalamualaikum. I am Rowshon Ara. I am from Bangladesh. I have a huge interest in blogging. Blogging is the only way to describe my thoughts to other people and most importantly which can remain decade to decade. If you really notice something special from my writing don't forget to inform me in the comment section. It can take only some seconds but which can make my day. Have a good day.

Climate change of Bangladesh: The POSTER CHILD of climate change

Climate change of Bangladesh

Climate change of Bangladesh: calculations of casualties for rising sea level due to climate change, the worldwide researchers have named Bangladesh as a POSTER CHILD of climate change. The past, present and future connections and conditions of Bangladesh environment Bangladesh is the name of a small country with a huge population which is situated on …

The climate of Bangladesh – seasons, land, forest, river, sea, atmosphere

Climate of Bangladesh

Describe the climate of Bangladesh: According to climatic type tropical regions have two seasons – the wet and the dry. Most noteworthy, Monsoon areas around the Indian Ocean have mainly three seasons hot, cold and rainy. Bangladesh is a small country in the Asian Continent. For the reason, Though the climate of Bangladesh is mainly …