primary school certificate (psc) scholarship result 2020

PSC Scholarship Result 2020 [পিএসসি বৃত্তির ফলাফল]

PSC Scholarship Result has been published today. It received a total of 82,422 scholarships. Minister of State for Primary and Mass Education Zakir Hossain published the results of the scholarship. Also on this day, Ibtediya scholarship results published.

The results of the Closing Examination Circle have been published. It received a total of 82,422 scholarships. Minister of State for Primary and Mass Education  Zakir Hossain published the results of the scholarship. Also on this day, the results of the scholarship for examining Ibtedi were also published.

Also, The full PDF Scholarship Result is given below

This year, 82,422 students have been given scholarships based on the result of the class 5 education completion examination. Among them, 33,000 students have been awarded the scholarship in merit quota (Talentpool). The general quota has received a scholarship of 49,000. Scholarships will be available from class six to class eighth.

the talent pool scholarship was distributed by setting a quota of Upazilas / thanas in proportion to the number of students who took the primary education exam.

scholarship result will be published on the DPE website and will be available locally at the office of the Deputy Director / Office of the District Primary Education Officer and at the Upazila level.

primary school certificate (psc) scholarship result 2020

This year we see psc result 2019 published on 31 December. Today we write about the PSC scholarship result 2020. PSC exam held on 18th November 2019 and it’s end 26th November 2019. Here you easily find psc scholarship result 2020 pdf download district ways.

This year’s PSC result 2019 statistic shows that a Total of 32 Lakhs, 30 Thousand & 288 Hundred examinees were participating in the PSC & Ibtediya Exam. PSC Result 2019 passing percent was 97.59 & Ibtediya 2019 was 97.69%. GPA 5 got whole 2 Lakhs, 62 Thousand & 609 Hundred students in PSC 2019 & Ibtediya 2017 total 5 Thousand & 23 students got GPA 5. 

primary school certificate (psc) scholarship result 2020

PSC scholarship result 2020 published on 25 February 2020. Scholarship result publishing the authority website then we are updating our site. Some students have found his name for psc scholarship result. All psc examine not achieve psc scholarship because only height number getting students can eligible for that. DPE ministry gives this scholarship for the students who get GPA-5. There is two grates to pay psc scholarship such as:

Talent Pool PSC scholarship result 2020
General Grade PSC scholarship result 2020

The primary school certificate scholarship results in 2020 is also called psc scholarship result in 2020. Previous year nearly 26,000 students have been selected as scholars under the Talent Pool Scholarship and 32,000 scholars have received the general grade scholarship. Talent pool students get monthly 300 TK one the other hand general grade students get 225 TK. Ministry of primary education scholarship amount and grade are the same for general education and madrasa education.

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Ebtedayee scholarship result in 2020

Ebtedayee scholarship result 2020 short form is the EBT scholarship result. Here many students are studying in the madrasa line. Our education format divide likes General Education, Madrasa Education, and Technical Education. General education separated such as English Medium and Bangla Medium. But our population by birth Muslim so Madrasa education more popular education system. Here different stages or categories to pass one by one. The First stage Ebtedayee exam (EBT), Junior Dakhil Certificate (JDC), dakhil level and Fazil degree. Bangladesh Madrasah Education Board or “Alia Madrasah Education Board” started its activity independently in 1979. See the first four-level of Bangladesh Madrasah Education Board such as:

psc scholarship result 2020 pdf download

Individual psc scholarship result 2020 pdf download easily gets the official site Just you click the link then you select your examination name and follow the box to full fill the step then click submit. It is said that the PSC Scholarship will be given only to the candidates who get CGPA 3.00. Under the Talent pool category, the scholars getting the CGPA 3.00 will be given scholarship whereas, under General grade category candidates who got CGPA 2.00 are eligible and given the scholarship. The scholarship is given by the government for three years to all the eligible students i.e., for class VI, Class VII and Class VIII.

PSC Scholarship Amount of Taka:

Talent Pool Scholarship – 300 BDT per month for 3 years.
General Scholarship – 225 BDT per month for 3 years.

How to Check PSC Scholarship Result 2020 Online

To check the PSC Scholarship result online from the official websites, please follow the below-given procedure.


psc scholarship result Visit official website

Select the examination name.
Then the select the name of the district.
Put the name of Thana/Upazilla.
Then put the passing year.
Then type of your roll number.
Then Click Submit Box.

Primary School Certificate (PSC) Scholarship Result 2020 will publish for 64 districts. PSC Result 2019 published last week of December 2019. The Director of Primary Education authority announced today’s PSC Scholarship result.

Primary school Certificate Scholarship Result 2020

In the year of 2019 Primary School Certificate (PSC) exam total of 1, 05,673 students got GPA-5. There is a total of 24, 15,341 students attended the PSC exam. And 13, 17,268 girls & 10, 98,073 boys passed the examination though 65,778 failed. Primary School Certificate (PSC) & Ebtedeyi result was published on 31st December 2019. Most of the students got a good result. Now the majority of the students are waiting for primary scholarship results 2020.

Last year 54 thousand 412 students got a PSC scholarship. This PSC scholarship will be published on the Directorate of Primary Education official website ( ) and our website.

How to Check PSC Scholarship Result 2020

If you are currently thinking about the Scholarship Result Checking Method, Point to note the We’ll publish the Full List of PSC Scholarship Result 2020 under 64 Districts in Bangladesh. You are also eligible to find out the Scholarship Result from the Internet. We have added the complete Guideline and concept about the Scholarship Result Check from the Internet in the below.

Primary Scholarship Result 2020 Download

PSC scholarship will be given to the successful candidates in two categories-

1.Talent pool Scholarship
2. General Grade Scholarship

Scholarship Result 2020 by District Wise

Scholarship Result Will Found district Wise. if you Want to Collect your Result by District Wise, Then you have come to The Right Place. District Wise Result PDF File Will Upload Below and you can Download The Result Easily.

PSC Scholarship Result 2019 PDF Download

Division and District Wise Scholarship Result 2019
District Wise Scholarship Result.
Click on your district to see the results of your district’s

Khulna Division Scholarship Result 2019



Chittagong Division Scholarship Result 2019

Sylhet Division Scholarship Result 2019

Rajshahi Division Scholarship Result 2019

Rangpur Division Scholarship Result 2019



Mymensingh Division Scholarship Result 2019


Mymensingh Division

Barisal Division Scholarship Result 2019

PSC Result 2019 Download–

The scholarship will give three years by Govt. in class VI, VII & VIII. After Ebtedayi, the study gap is not acceptable. The school has must be approved by the board. Scholars must get at least CGPA 3.00. Before this, Scholars get the scholarship in CGPA 3.00 for the Talent pool category and CGPA 2.00 for general grade category.

There are six thousand seven hundred & thirty-two Madrasa in Bangladesh. Madrasa will begin in 1986. That time 16 thousand Madrasa started all over the country. Without this, there are nine thousand three hundred thirty Fazil and Kamil Madrasa and 21 lakhs 97 thousand 8 hundred 77 students present in all Madrassa.

There are twenty-two thousand (22000) scholars will get Scholarship in the talent pool category and thirty-three thousand (33000) scholars will get Scholarship in the General grade category. Boy students and girl students can get an equal chance for education after getting a scholarship. This time if any school wants fees from Scholars, then the school authority will get punished.

primary school certificate (psc) scholarship result 2020 in Bangladesh.

Primary School Certificate (PSC) is now the first national academic certificates in Bangladesh for any student. Every year thousands of students of class FIVE are participating in this examination. Students who fully earn the qualifications may than progress into secondary school studies.

The Starting of PSC in Bangladesh.

Primary School Certificate (PSC) examination has been holding since 2010 by the Ministry of Education, Directorate of Primary Education (DPE) which is participated by class 5 students from public or private schools. The purpose of PSC examination is: to select students for secondary school level, to judge the qualifications of grade-5 students, student certification for completion of primary education, create a competitive education among schools, monitoring school quality levels, planning and reform the primary education system. The PSC is a written examination. Students attend 6 mandatory subjects :

বাংলা আমার বই (Bangla my book)
English for today
প্রাথমিক গণিত (Primary mathematics)
প্রাথমিক বিজ্ঞান (General Science)
বাংলাদেশ ও বিশ্বপরিচয় (Bangladesh and World identity)
ধর্ম ও নৈতিক শিক্ষা (Religion and moral values)

Publishing time of PSC exam.

The maximum possible score is 600 points, 100 points for each subject. The minimum requirement to meet the national standard is 33%. The result will Publish the Grade Point Average (GPA). The Primary School Certificate examination Result-2019 will be published on 31st December 2019. Results are published in reports, which are available in print and online. Examination results are broadcasted on the radio and on television and published in the media. All those students of PSC examination can access the results in various methods.

The publish date of the PSC examination 2019 is confirmed by DPE. Both PSC and Ebtedayee Results will be published on 31st December 2019. The result copies should be handover to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina by way of Education Minister Dipu Moni and State Minister for Primary and Mass Education Zakir Hossain on December thirty first in 2019. Soon after that media conference will be held briefing the result by means of the authorities. After which Primary Education Completion result can be published within the official website.


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Blogging is a worldwide popular online profession for the last 30 years but still, there is no academic study and definition about this. Whichever information we get that also a collection from many Bloggers. Previous days blogging was easy because Blogger finds many topics that people wanted to know. But now in the Blogging industry, the topic is same still the number of bloggers increasing rapidly. Blogger totally changed the typical previous method.

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✓Personal Blogger: different types of bloggers 

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✓Ghost Blogger

Different types of bloggers: Ghost Blogger is totally different than other Bloggers. Think you read a multi-millionaire blog post. You surprised every time you read about hid strategy, struggle. Many times you knock him and he gives you a reply. Can you think, whom you know is not really that one who gives you advice, whom writing makes you cry? Yes, this can happen. Who is doing this they are ghost Blogger. Upward I wrote about many Blogger but ghost Blogger is one you never know about his name. Ghost Blogger is writing on behalf of others. Many celebrities hire ghost Blogger to describe their story to the audience.

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✓Media Blogger

Different types of bloggers: Do you every time like a text blog. There are many types of the blog without text. It defines the content. If anyone makes videos then he is a Vlogger. Making content photos, art then he is a photo blogger, art Blogger. This Blogger is also very popular in the blogging industry and millions of viewers also connected with this type of blog. Many photographers have their own blogs where they daily upload their photos. It helps to promote their work as well as claim copyright.

✓Freelancer Blogger

Different types of bloggers: Freelancer Blogger independently Blogging for others. They don’t have any particular blog site but they are experts on a particular niche. They connected to a platform where any company can hire them offering fees. It’s totally a legitimate process. Many companies want quality content for their business empire. Freelancer Blogger writes about the niche, the company will pay them. Ghost Blogger also can consider as a freelancer Blogger. Experts within a particular industry or niche tend to be able to charge more than general writers. Those who want to earn as a Freelancer can do this type of blogging.

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How quickly the Blogging industry spreading. In the future, many names are also going to add to this list.


Blogging profession: every newbie Blogger should know

Every work has effects, bad effects, and good effects. As well as in the blogging profession there are many advantages and disadvantages. Many people start blogging as a hobby but after some time they make it their profession, on the other hand, many starts with huge zeal but they couldn’t continue. So for this before starting your blogging journey you should know the advantages, those can work like fuels on your blogging life. So let’s start, the advantages of the blogging profession.

Advantages of the blogging profession: peculiarity

The qualifications: Nowadays it’s a very common problem we face to apply in a job that is qualifications. The owner demand is too high that can’t possible in one human. They want a person with a capacity of  3 workers even in the salary of one. They ask a fresher to have 10 years of experience. Really 10 years ago he was in school. So don’t be sad, there are many professionals you can join, no need these types of qualifications. Blogging is one of them. No one asks you to show any certificate. If you have writing skills, skills, knowledge, and hard work mindset, you can be a ProBlogger.You have to be skilled to survive in the blogging world.

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Blogging profession: Earning

When anyone talks about profession the first priority comes to mind that is earning. For the necessity of life, we all want income. You can earn more than what you need which is not possible in any job. Many pro bloggers earn per month 1000$-100000$. This blogging world has so much potential. You have to work for a long time with patience and hard work. The potential possibility you have as much you give time in blogging. That doesn’t mean earning can possible from the start. It’s a slow system but a continuous process. You have to wait as you did for the salary. Once it starts you can quit the job and became a full-time blogger.

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 Become Researcher

Advantages of the blogging profession:
When a Blogger starts blogging the start to search and research before writing. May be for writing an article a ProBlogger needs 1 hour but many times he spends more than a week to make an article. It’s the matter on topic. Blogger should write if he has a good idea about the topic. If he didn’t then he will start search and research. Online or offline both he can use. Finding something on any topic, getting the information, making it available to readers what makes a blogger a good researcher, and increase interest in learning something new. Every day you can learn new things.

Become expert

Advantages of the blogging profession:
If you every day try to know something new about a topic, you will gain proper knowledge about that. Day by day you will be an expert on that topic. If you work in the blogging industry for a long time you will be considered as an expert on blogging.

Advantages of the blogging profession: Workplace

Many people don’t like to go out even many people are unemployed because they can’t skip home. Especially women and students. For the Blogging profession, you don’t need to hurry up early, wait for the bus, tension to reach office, 8-5 of working hours. Your home is your office without having any big set up. You can travel, you can study, can take care of family and spend time with them. The place is no problem. You can blog as your wish whenever, however. No one can ask you for any explanation. You will be your boss. You just only need your favorite writing device and internet connection.

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 Language and writing improvement

The blog is not any scientific calculation method or personal message exchange. The blog is often-informal but informative wordplay. Readers want to know the information but with pleasure. Without a good grasp of language, many businesses can’t run. When a blog site is a company for bloggers, he should have good language skills. Whether it’s for marketing text, sending emails or running the company website, good control of language can really help a company stand out and excel. Blog means writing, publishing, marketing. When you start a blog it will be like getting an Admission in blogging, then practice after then habit. To express your good language skills a blogger avoids grammatical mistakes, the fastest writing that helps a Blogger to have great writing skills. Once it will be really hard to find any mistake in blogger writing.

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Become future author

Advantages of the blogging profession:
As people think about publishing business, that’s really not like that. Many publishers never famous before publishing a famous author’s books. That’s why they contact the writer for introducing readers. Now here blogging comes. So Blogging is not only a process to become a writer but also a Published author.

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Your contact knew no border

Advantages of the blogging profession:
In blogging not only you can express your thoughts but also readers can express their feeling by comment, newsletter, connected with social media. You can convert with the same community people all over the world. The distance never fact. Then you get an opportunity to start something new. Maybe they connected with big corporations. Your blog attacks them, they could want to publish an article for grabbing your reader’s attention. For this guest blogger can help you to increase revenue. Who is a guest blogger? Those who wrote online if you invite them to your blog on your site will be a guest blogger. Both bloggers can grab new attention from readers.

 Opportunity for jobs

Anyone believes or not for me blogging is a skill development course. Obviously it improves your writing skills, writing practice makes your typing skills, communication skills, presentation skills, technical skills, computer programming, basic knowledge about editing, photo editing, SEO, planning, etc. So with the development of blogs, you will see creative skills like photography and video graphics. As you write more articles, you will also be building your portfolio. For this no need to have your own website. Write to another, This way you can spread your name.

Prosperity on business

Now every business is starting connected online. Some businesses only online. For any business having a website, it’s a plus point. Your business small or big that doesn’t matter if you have a blog on your website you can describe your services and product. Many business companies every day give updates and advertisements about their products for the customer. Even any blogger can start his new business by a blogsite.

 Opportunity to listen to celebrity story

Every person has his idols, a favorite person may be a long list of celebrities. But it’s not possible for to anyone talk with a celebrity. But for a blogging profession, you can do this. You can talk with them, take their interviews, publish their story and can spend some time with your favorite celebrity. The celebrity also likes most to spend time with his fan, not a reporter.

Having a stage to perform

In every blog post, you describe yourself how you are, who you are, what’s your ability. The blog is the voice of a blogger. It’s not like that people come here to know your character but still, your writing shouts many things. Are you funny or witty, informative or knowledgeable? Many bloggers became a motivational speaker after starting blogging. Your blog reflects how worthy you are for any company.

 Becoming celebrity

When a blogger starts full-time blogging he connected with worldwide people. He also has a special fan, a follower who will come to read his writing. They also follow you on social media, they subscribe to your email. For those fan followers, you are a celebrity.

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You will be persistent

Blog a long-term relationship. Your blog has to take time to introduce you as Blogger. Even for money-making. For this many became disappeared after some time. So for making blogging a profession, it makes you persistent.

A helpful profession

We live in a society. We all have some responsibility for our society and community.  A good blog help readers to give them information at free cost. As an example: how to buy a domain, how to reduce weight, how to solve the computer issues. Someone’s diary how to helps others it’s only possible in blogging. Someone asks your help after reading your writing, it’s better than any compliment. The power of blogging is to educate, inspire, and bring thought-provoking people together.

Blogging profession: Disadvantages of the Blogging profession

Every work has effects, bad effects, and good effects. As well as in the Blogging profession there are many advantages and disadvantages. Many people start blogging as a hobby but after some time they make it their profession, on the other hand, many starts with huge zeal but they couldn’t continue. So for this before starting your blogging journey you should know about all. That doesn’t mean I am scaring you. It will help you know, is it your world or not? Do you survive here or not? What will be the solutions? So let’s start, the disadvantages of the blogging profession.

Blogging profession: Loneliness

Writing is the act of solitude. If you are a full-time Blogger you will always alone. And the worse part if you don’t have an assistant then for all the work you have to solve with loneliness. You should make a habit to live alone. So can you imagine your life in a boring task like writing?

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Disadvantages of the Blogging profession:
It’s high time to say blogging is time – consuming task. It’s maybe easy to write 1000 words but what’s about before writing and after writing. A full-time Blogger gives his whole day searching, researching, writing, publishing, spreading, advertising, etc. So it’s really very hard to give time to family and friends. Maintaining a personal and professional life will be difficult.

Disadvantages of the Blogging profession: The activeness

We all know a blog can live decade to decade but don’t forget, you can survive only if you will active here. The consistency is the main fuel for ProBlogger. Do you check the last update time of the blog post? I do. It looks so bad it didn’t update yet in one year. A dead blog is worse than no blog. World’s famous Bloggers write usually 4-5 posts every day and keep updating their old posts, sharing them in social media.

Blogging profession: Content

Content is the life of the blog. Your content reflects your blog. To attract readers you have to write quality content every day. Now the Blogging industry is so much spreading. In one keyword thousand of result shows. Every day writes unique new content, is not an easy task. You know numerous topics people are searching for now but you can’t write about all. This will ruin the blog landmark.

Once you choose the theme of the blog, you will be stuck there. As an example, our website has an informative blog so we can’t post here movie or product reviews, jokes, cooking recipes. It’s difficult to show true facts but maximum Blogger does this. It depends on the topic of how will be the quality of Blogging and Blogger. If you want to be a ProBlogger you should write a unique and informative blog and even every time.

No guarantee of readers

Disadvantages of the Blogging profession:
If you are a full-time Blogger or part-time, you write the blog as a hobby or profession your main objective is readers. This reader is totally unpredictable. You start blogging that doesn’t mean people are waiting for reading your writing. There are many methods or techniques you can use to get readers such as sharing your blog site on social networking sites, SEO, invite family and friends, join the same community and so on. So don’t be sleepless by thinking your writing is good instead no one read that.

 Misunderstanding and dissenting opinion

What is your topic of the blog that doesn’t matter, you always find one who will disagree with you? First, understand their point of view, then judge their comments, criticism, opinion, you really deserve or not. Before responding think why they are disappointed. Try to reply to a polite answer instead of you didn’t agree with their negative and offensive comments. This answer should touch them. Many ProBlogger doesn’t like to argue in public or try to solve those in secretly.

Blogging profession: Blog troll

Disadvantages of the Blogging profession:
If you want to indicate the worst thing about Blogging it should be a troll. Troll is happening everywhere, it will happen in Blogging also. It will continuously happen which will give you pain by their comments. When you start a response they will more violent. Skip all, is the best idea. You also can delete them. They won’t stop until they notice that their comments are no longer published. You can block their IP address which you can find in their comments either you can complain to AWStats and Webalizer. But the real troll continuously changes those IP addresses even some use proxy.

Spam comments

If you open your comments section without approval, it’s obvious a bunch of spam comments will come to your blog. Spam means fake, vulgar words, illegal business links, porn sites, etc. Many people make spam comments and send them to blog sites which the software can indicate easily. If the comment is not matching with the content, Google considers it spam and as punishment reduces your ranking. Your readers read your comments with attention. If they find there any spam they will move anywhere. Continuously deleting spam comments is an unnecessary irritating time-wasting task. So keep approval on the comment section. The best option is, having a comment filter.

Financial crisis

After starting a blog you will be popular or earning plenty of money is not possible. But you need money. Many Bloggers have so scarcity that, they start their Blogging journey in a free platform. So it’s not possible for most people to do full-time Blogging. If you start as a full-time Blogger, you will fall into the money problem. After spending a Long time in blogging, still, you earn nothing you will become depressed. It will be tough for you to continue blogging.

People’s thought about you

Think your friends and neighbors lead a normal life. Rising in the morning, going to the office, returning home, spending time with family. But you live alone, no work, spend time with computer, still, you earn. People can think you doing something illegal. They find you as a nut. For you, it will be hard to realize them actually you have a profession. When they don’t have any idea about the internet, it’s a mission impossible.

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Your writing is always alive

Blogging is a profession of online. Your writing is always alive it’s not really a good scenario for all. Every Blogger learns a new lesson every day. For this, there will be a huge difference between the blogger’s new and old posts. Sometimes this can be totally opposite. Growing age and experience, the thinking of Blogger will be changed. For this, some bad work on past days can be created bad effects. So think before publishing anything, is it good for the future or not.

You will be in-home: blogging profession

In the Blogging profession you can live at home but every time it’s not good for you. You are living with your family, so every family members will watch out your activities, your family, friends, relatives, and neighbors never stopped their stupidity. You can’t escape their marriage ceremony, birthday party, death news. If you live in a noisy place you have to search for opportunities to write because writing is a matter of concentration. Your mom never allows you to sit the whole day in front of the computer, she has tension for your study and eyes. You can deal with your mom but what’s about your children. Mom does care for you where children care about nothing. They can continuously irritate you.

Sickness: blogging profession

Disadvantages of the Blogging profession:
In your sickness, you will be alone and you can’t work. If you don’t have any assistant your blogging will totally stop. As a normal human being sickness is also normal. This time you only can request anyone to write.


After listening to Blogging is not 8 hours of work, maybe you will be happy. But don’t surprised Blogging is 24/7 work. Yes, continuous work in the electronic devices will reduce your creativity if you are a full-time blogger. Whereas if you are a part-time Blogger, after completing office work your body can’t give you permission to start Blogging. Your body will want a relax zone.

You have no boss

In your own blog, you are your boss. No one gives you any order. No one pushes you for work. It’s good instead you need instructions and motivation. Having no boss, you have to take responsibility. Especially in the starting point, you should strict with yourself.

I described many points on the advantage and disadvantages of Blogging. A huge advantage and many disadvantages. Don’t consider my writing as a demotivational speech, take it as an alarm before falling in the problem. Every Blogger has its own way to solve the problem. Remember where’s a will there’s away.



Anyone can be Blogger but why should you start your blog?

In human life, there is an ultimate alack that if the creator could back me in my childhood I will start my life in a new way. They became Niobe what they haven’t or what they didn’t. For example, every Blogger has this regret why they didn’t start blogging before, I am also. If I had started sooner I would have gotten something more. But still, we have time to do many works.

Many people have a misconception that blogging is only a matter of writing. Who can write they only can blog. But blogging is not only about writing, but it’s also something more than writing. Many people say their writing is not good on the other hand they afraid to write. They can’t that doesn’t mean they never can. I always recommend others to start blogging. So you should know why you start blogging. Now I am gonna tell you.

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 To listen to your passion: Anyone can be Blogger

To listen to your passion: Anyone can be BloggerWe are different. Everyone has own specialty. Some can understand some couldn’t. From our young age, we live with confusion about what to do, what is suitable for us. No one gives us the answer to this question. We fall into depression. Blogging is that process where you can discover yourself and listen to your passion.

The blog will introduce you to your introspection. Passion means what I like to do, what I like to live. You like reading, fishing, acting, singing, photography, social work, etc. Maybe you considered it as your hobby. When you start blogging about your hobby you will connect with the same community. Knowing how they do, you can know what you should do and also you will want to show yourself. You feel you are not alone, so many people are in the world who speak like you. They have the same passion as you, it will boost your hunger to become an expert on your passion. Your expertise will make your passion for the profession. This is the best part of life when anyone takes passion as his profession.

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The blog will be your voice: Anyone can be Blogger

Anyone can be Blogger: The blog will be your voiceA very common question ‘who you are…’. Ask it yourself. The answer doesn’t mean your name on a birth certificate. Maybe you know the correct answer but need to describe or the question maker doesn’t have so much time for details still you want to express yourself to the world. Take your time to describe your thoughts. For this, you don’t need to become a good writer or speaker.

Everyone has something to say. If you didn’t write down, that will be erased from your mind and there is no feature to recollect data. Make your blog as your voice and start an interaction with others.

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To become a skilled person

To become a skilled personAnyone can be Blogger: Don’t feel shy about what you can and what you have. Blogging will be arising with your writing skills, typing skills, communication skills, editing skills, photography skills, presentation skills, intelligence. So many skills you can absorb by blogging. In the current context, 9 out of 10 companies check employee profiles before selecting their employees. They like employee’s online influence. Your online influence will be counted as a plus point. Blogging is a powerful place in this regard.

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To become a better person

Anyone can be Blogger: To become a better personBlogging is a long-term process. We need a healthy and happy life. Blogging gives you happiness when expressing your emotions, prove yourself and others will appreciate you. For healthy life need happiness as well as exercise.

In the Blogging task when you take blogging as a profession your brain will always be busy with the search. also, research, reading, writing, editing, posts, publishing. Blogging will work as an exercise of the brain. Having an active brain blogging will help you.

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To help others: Anyone can be Blogger

To help othersIt’s not possible that we all know exactly everything. In our life, so many things happen the first time. Sometimes it gives us to notice sometimes doesn’t. But every time we find who can give correct advice or the experience who passed on this situation. It’s hard to find anyone in our family or local area but easy to internet.

So think, your experience and advice will help others, some will be thanked you. As an example, a newbie mom wants to know what will be the best lotion for her newborn baby. Your blog can help her if you know better on this matter. Every Blogger helps others in their own way.

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To make a world a better place

To make a world a better placeThe blog is your voice. You can spread what you like or don’t, that helps you to make this world a better place. There are many examples like that how a blog became viral via Facebook or Twitter. It’s so much a thrilling feeling when you will be part of this. You can connect with other parts of the world, you can make a bond with them even it gives you so much pleasure to have such a company. You will have friends all over the world.

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For Knowledge

KnowledgeIn blogging, you will write what you want but before publishing, you have to check that all information correct or not. You can’t give any false information to others when people wanting your help. For writing a blog post you have to search, research and investigate.

Those who will be your readers they also have quite an idea about the topic, so if you have any fault they can easily mark. The fear of mistake, force you to collect the correct information. This can’t possible in another profession. Your learning process will be continued in blogging.

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For freedom

For freedomA creative soul doesn’t want to be a jailbird. He always wants free wings. But after seeing the busiest world, corporate office job who can say he is free. People are becoming prisoners without chains. They do this because of their need. If you can blogging as your profession, you will have a free life, no one can force you to work. You can earn but there is no fear of explanation.

Even your profession is not hampered your personal life or adventure. If you do blogging as a hobby or part-time job still you can live your own palace where you are boss of yourself.

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 To save money

Many can think blogging is only for a money-making reason where it can save your money. Because of depression, people do so many unwanted habits start drinking, eat foods, go to restaurants, travel here and there. People can use a blog as a performing platform where a blogger can relieve their pain. Without expense, the blog is an enjoyable life.

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You will be live long

Blog is not any putrescent paper or any other social account which you need to act either easily deleted. If you have adequate niches, the reader will read your writing a million times even after your death. The Internet never dies. You can live decade to decade. Your writing can make you ageless.

These all are so many reasons you should do start blogging. No matter what, you can start from now. It’s not so late. You can start your own blog of good quality with little investment from sharewebhost. 


Advantage of blogging: How the advantage of blogging changed my life

Advantage of blogging, How the advantage of blogging changed my life?
Yeah! today’s topic is the easiest for me because I gather many lessons about the blog from the last 6 months. I wanted to be a blogger. Now I started also my online blog footprint. So it’s better to be joined any work you have plenty of knowledge about this. Now I try to gain knowledge every day about the blog and give the review by my post. I related to the blog but never know what is the blog.

Now I better know about it and I have to know if I want to start my journey in the blogging world. The blog is a type of online writing like content writing, scriptwriting, online journalism, etc. But the blog is more than those. Today I will not describe the blog. The blog is that blog is this, blah, blah, blah. Because I already wrote all in my previous post, read the definition, history, and varieties of the blog. You can read for getting a good idea and don’t forget to do comment.

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By searching, researching and reading blog posts now I know many things. Which I didn’t know before. I can name them the advantage of blogging. I won’t stop getting knowledge by knowing I also tried to apply those in my life. Now I just share those points with you.

How the advantage of blogging changed my life

Advantage of blogging: Writing skills

The blog is mainly for writing. But I like to write with pen and paper. Write in a mobile or electronic device is unpleasant to work. Now I made it my habit so now I can write it on mobile but not speedy as much as I want. And also I know how beautifully express my writing. The most important blog gives the freedom to write, it’s not like other writing where you should follow format, greetings, portion, marking and all.

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Reading skills

I read many blog posts. Now I can read quickly much than before it’s arising my vocabulary, changing my writing style. I just need to speed up. After writing editing is most important. Editing is better 100 times than rewrite. For editing, you have to read your post, read it loudly if the sounds are not good for you how can people will satisfied with your writing to read.

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Get appreciation and give a compliment

Everybody loves appreciation. But I never have expectations and did not get much. Now I get appreciation every day like excellent, awesome, good, great. But some people told me they wanted to read my old post this is more than a compliment. Because they feel my writing something useful for them and I am happy to listen to it. I will be happier if they really read those and notify me of their comments. For me to give a compliment is a difficult task. I am a miser on this matter. But now I start giving compliments other but not the excessive way.

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To gain something do quite something

This is the ultimate agenda for achievement. Now I quit seeing video, chatting, and argument. Before knowing blog post I read every post but not now. I quit reading typical posts. It’s better to read a quality blog post than some tacky post where I gain nothing.


Advantage of blogging: I like to listen not to read. I love to observe not speaking. Observation is also needed for the blog. I can observe who is my regular readers, who are genuine, who criticize, who read my post for the first time I know by reading. Every msg, request, msg request, comments. It helps me to know what’s going on in their minds and how to reply with others by their language.

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Advantage of blogging: Switch to skip

I have another bad habit. When my memory catches anything, I can’t forget that. I remember who is how. It’s not about me that he/she did something with me. But now I can skip them. If I was before one I will start arguing but now I skip it. When someone lives in a fool’s paradise it’s better to skip. Most successful bloggers follow this rule.

Make difference and feel the difference

Advantage of blogging: It’s very occurred to live with the same thing, read the same post. Now I know how to make a difference from other’s posts. There are good and bad things in the world. So for choosing a good one you have to know the difference between good and bad. Now I knew it.

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Advantage of blogging: Timing

After reading every blog post there is some common thing that life never give you scope and time to do your work. When your work is writing. So when you have mood and time write as much as you can. Yeah, now I follow this rule. Blogging is a hard-working matter but there is some technical advantage to help me to save time.

Advantage of blogging: Make a plan and target

Planning is a great thing. I do my task as my planning. I don’t have any hurry. So I learn my thing slowly and steadily. When I don’t execute according to my plan . There is a plan B. Now I have something new on my mind. A Blogger should not miss the routine. All bloggers follow their routine strictly.

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How the advantage of blogging changed my life

Don’t follow others, Walk in your way

I don’t like to follow others. Yeah, I listen all, observe all but not follow. I express my feeling as my wish and way. I can’t melt others with false words. When anyone follows others, they end their creativity. Please play your own tune. What are your capabilities, how you know without applying?

Advantage of blogging: Simple and example

Advantage of blogging: All blogger says the same thing that uses simple words. Exactly the language is to express your feeling. If nobody understands your word it’s better to be silent. I love to give an example and write simple words. It’s good to read 1 quality sentence rather than 1000  gentile words.

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Presentation skill

Whatever is your profession it doesn’t matter but presentation skill is a must. Every blogger has expertise on them any specific site instead they need other skills. Blogging is like program management. Now I can do a presentation on any topic with confidence.

There are thousands of advantages of the blog but here I wrote only about my blog journey’s advantage. That’s also not enough and in the future on this list, many points will be also added. I can write more about the blog. Those are floating over spontaneously. But now I am stopping. The best part of the blog is you never go an empty mind if you read a good blog.  Your mind will be open up.

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Varieties of the blog: Definition, History, and varieties of the blog

Varieties of the blog: Internet is an Ocean where thousands of legitimate ways for earning and learning. The blog is one of them. After hearing about blogging many don’t understand what is the blog . Especially they didn’t know about it.  It’s not like that they never used a blog but the real seen is that they never considered the blog as a blog. They read the blog, using a blog, effected by blogs but without knowing. Like we take medicine without knowing the name. But the good sign is that now the young generation knows about the blog. They are joining the blogging industry, that’s why now the blogging industry is spreading everywhere.

So what is a blog?

First of all, A blog is a modern option of the diary. A blog is an online diary or journal which is located on the website. Also, In a blog personal or community opinions or information attached to text, pictures, video, etc. A blog can be published for public or private it’s depended on blog owners. But without reader writing is considered as a diary, not a blog. When a blog published for public anyone can typically find the blog through its link. Blog content known as post and blog post is typically displayed in reverse chronological order. That means the most recent post comes to appear first top of the webpage.

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Varieties of the blog: History

In the past time after invention computer communities of people liked to write their thoughts on the computer. After increasing the use of computers and the creation of the earliest form of the Internet, the blog idea arrived. This time it was a very small way to share with a community where all were connected with each other. The exact date and time about the first use of the blog are still debated by scholars. In 1993 Rob Palmar first started a blog. In 1994 Justin Hall started personal blogging.

On the 17th December 1997, the first “weblog” was invented by Jorn Berger. ‘Blog’ is the short form of “weblog”. On 23 August 1999 ‘Pyra lab’ was the company that created the blogger service. There are many types of writing we write but the main difference in blogging, the blog is not only a bunch of interesting information but also a thrilling feeling that the writer is exactly sitting in behind readers.

Varieties of the blog

There are no typical types for the blog. The basis of owner and purpose, there are 2 types of blog :

Personal blogVarieties of the blog: Personal blog

For the non-profit purpose, if one person creates a blog only writing this thought, information to share with the public this blog is a personal blog. Many people want to know about their favorite person, celebrity,  successful people’s stories, strategy, advice. It’s quite complicated to manage all with the social account even there are having a risk to delete data. The blog can outlive their information decade to decade. That’s why many make their own personal blog. Readers come to read this blog for one’s personal information or experience.

Business blog

Business blogFor professional purposes, any organization or person can create a blog. A business blog can be nonprofit but this blog directed by a community. They give there update daily. A blog that is posted for business purposes on information, law, country, business, information with customers, exchanging products, is called a business blog.

The reader comes to this blog to learn or know about new information and solve their problems. Most of the blogs in this world are business blogs. Content is the life of the blog.  Different blog different content. According to content, there are many types of blogs. Some of them I try to write down below:

Varieties of the blog: Fashion blog

Now everyday human becomes fancy. In their fashionable life fashion is mostly changing. Every day some people want to know about new trends. In a fashion blog, readers come to know new trends, follow them regularly and what they wish. For this now fashion blog is the most popular blog from all blogs.

 Food blog

After fashion food is also an important modern world than the previous time. People like an adventure. Now from everywhere, people travel to another place, keen on homemade food decreases. Due to travel to many places, people want to know about famous food, price, best hotel for food. All those important information bloggers make a food blog.

Varieties of the blog: News blog

Online news is an updated version of the newspaper. We all want news local, national or international. It’s really difficult to read paper news in a busy life. I feel it’s very good for the environment to reduce using of paper and so cheap rate.


Many like to do photography, many like to see different types of photos. So this is the blog where the photographer posts their photos. Photoblog is like Pinterest and Instagram.

Varieties of the blog: Vlog

Vlog is a video blog. Here the content is always in videos. It’s all-time, not possible to understand the text like a recipe for food. But people can easily understand when they see the video of the making the process. Those people like to see a tutorial on everything they create this type of vlog.

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The podcast is a combination of iPod and broadcast. In our fastest life, it’s really difficult to see TV, videos or vlog. But we all need entertainment or interaction with internet life.  This podcast is really awesome idea for multitasking. Even for blind people, it’s a very helpful process in their life. All and above it’s the updated version of radio.

MP3 blog

An MP3 blog is a type of blog in which the creator makes music files, normally in the MP3 format, available for download. In the MP3 blog, you can download music, audio, and sound. As a similar podcast.

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Varieties of the blog: Linklog

Linklogs existed as a feature of computing systems before the internet as well.  Where other blog posts all data in detail, but in link log bloggers only post their links.  A linklog is a type of blog which is meant to act as a linked list. After reading the title if readers want to read the article then they will click any link.

Varieties of the blog: Typecasting

Writing is a passion for many people but that doesn’t mean everyone likes one process, use one process. Many writers don’t like a computer as their writing tools. So in typecasting blog, they post their accurate form of Writing by scanning. These texts or portions of texts may include unedited text, handwritten edits, notes or signs of proofreading that allow the reader to see the raw text complete with typos errors and corrections.

So there are so many types of blogs. Now blog industry is spreading excessive way. So you hardly found any topic which doesn’t have any blog. The continuity of content responsible for which types a blog that is. I know I didn’t write many types of the blog but if you want to tell me any then note down in comment box.

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Some easy online income without any investment in 2020

Some easy online income without any investment in 2020

Now, this is an era of globalization.  Things are changing due to globalization. Human wants freedom. No one wants a dependable life. For an independent life first one needs an independent livelihood. Due to globalization now it’s becoming very easy to find an independent profession. You don’t need to do a particular professional thing – Go to office work for 8-5. Also, you can earn plenty of money work at home. But what’s the system… The system is online. Now online is such a media you can earn money online. There are many professions and scope. The best part of this works you already do usually. If you start earning without investment, will you start? This system is spreading up and becoming famous. And the future hardly some are going out for work. Now I am writing some easy ways for online income.

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 Online survey

An online survey is a very popular online income mostly for students. Because online surveys never hampered their study. Every day just some clicks and true answers can give you at least your pocket money without any investment. For arising points, you can watch videos, play games, answer surveys. There are many online survey sites like Swagbucks, InboxDollars, Survey Junkie, Prize rebel, Tulona, Vindale research,  Pinecone Research and many much. Just keep one thing in mind that always try to give the correct answer.

 Paid for searching the web

Today, the digital world is so diverse that there are many legitimate ways to earn money just by searching the things on the web. There are so many online platforms like ask wonder, Swagbucks, Bing Activity, Zoombucks, Qmee, CashCreate, InboxDoller, MobileXression, Smartpanel, Cross Media Panel FusionCash, etc which will give you not so less amount. Hence, this sound is so good that you already do something now you will be paid for it.

Some easy online income without any investment in 2020

Online market trading

Now in this portion, all is not so easy because it’s about the online market. It likely market trading. You have to know about strategy and plan, education, have strong encryption. It’s all about a safe transaction. After then you can start online market trading with a suitable platform like Fidelity, TD Ameritrade, Charles Schwab, E*TRADE, Interactive broker, TradeStation. Don’t be sad there are also plenty of platforms for beginners.

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Some easy online income: Start your own website

The website is now becoming as essential as any other social account for personal reasons or professional reasons. So many people created their website. Everyone does not know how to make it. You can make a website for others. But this time you need some study and device. It’s enough with your PC.

Review websites & apps for cash

The website and apps industry is now blooming so much. Review websites and apps for cash are likely paid for searching web differences are here you have to write a review. Each test takes 20 minutes but you can get from here $10. ProductHunt, TechCrunch, MobileAppDaily, Mashable, 148apps, AppAdvice, AppStrom, FeedMyApp are very famous platforms for review websites and apps.

Some easy online income: Get paid to site

Start your own website, tell your thoughts there are many ways to income with one website. But here you want a little bit of study and investment. Because creating a free website is not a good idea. The most popular and easy income is an advertisement by a website. For this Google AdSense is best. You also can sell ad space, sell the product, affiliate marketing.

Some easy online income without any investment in 2020

Some easy online income: Become a delivery rider or driver

Flexible work at a competitive fee. You just need your own bike or car with safety stuff even a bicycle and smartphone. Become a rider, driver or food man. Just sign in these platforms Pathao, Ubar, Foodpanda, Foodora, Stuart.

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Some easy online income: Mobile phone recycling

Now phones are not a luxury item it’s become a necessary item. There is so much more than these old phones can give you than you can ever expect and thus it is a wise decision for you to get your phone recycled instead of throwing it away. And it also provides a great impact on the environment. These are top companies name: Arrow Electronics, Cloud blue technologies, ReCellular, Envirophone, Mobile Muster, Corporate Mobile Recycling, Redeem, SIMS Recycling Solutions Holdings Inc, Mazuma Mobile, ReCell One who are connected with mobile recycling.

Some easy online income without any investment in 2020

easy online income: Become a clickworker

Clickworkers are freelancers who utilize our workplace platform. As a Clickworker you earn money working completely independently on your own schedule from any personal computer with Internet access. All data is treated as confidential and is used only for communications, assessment, and payment. Payment is made for each accepted and completed task. The amount is fixed and published ahead of time.

 Get cashback when shopping

Of course in our daily life we do shopping but your shopping saves your money. It’s only possible in online shopping, where you get cashback, coupons, discounts, rewards. Checkout 51, Swagbucks, Koho, Ebates, Caddle, Payne, TopCashBack, etc are those platforms where shopping gives you cashback even from grocery shopping.

Some easy online income without any investment in 2020

 Sell all your old things

Your choice and needs are changeable every day. It’s not any crime but it’s made your room too stiff. Sell your not so usable old things maybe it’s worthy for others. With a great deal, fast transactions even some platforms don’t need any shipping charge.

Sell your photo and video

You like to click photos and making videos. Millions will see your creative ideas, immediately published and earn money. The most profitable sites for sales photos, videos online: Alamy, Shutterstock, istock, SmugMug, photoshelter, Adobe stock, Can stock photo, colorbox, etc.

Upward you can see many ideas. Apart those you can source property for wealthy investors, Become your own bank, Write and publish a Kindle ebook, Affiliate marketing executive, Claim tax back, Part time job, Freelance work, Claimtax backs, Review music for money, Sell your note, Sell second-hand course books, Competition, Buy or sell domain name, Sell clothes on eBay, Youtube video, Network marketing, Review music for money, Sell your note, sell your writing. Those are also great ideas for online work. Let me know which one you like most or you want to add a new one on this list.

BCS Exam

BCS preparation strategy for becoming a BCS cadre

First of all, the Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS) is the most competitive exam in Bangladesh. Probably, you dream of becoming a BCS cadre. You should be from now on BCS preliminary exam preparation hardly.

BCS preparation strategy:
‘I am a student at a worldwide school and I learn from everyone.’ How do you want to prepare for BCS?
Writing your BCS preparation in a paper or notebook will allow you to evaluate your readiness. If you prepare for BCS with a little understanding, you can easily win the preliminary.

Maybe, Your BCS preparation will very easy. Whatever you read, decide first, whether you really need to read it or not. Most noteworthy, it’s more important to decide what not to read. also, what to read. Because most of the time many candidates did extra preparation out of the syllabus which is actually they don’t need.

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BCS preparation strategy

Your BCS journey will be successful only if you add a little intelligence to your intense desire and passion for BCS. It is best to study BCS preparation at home. You can spend at least 6 hours at home studying and the rest of the time use positively. For Bangla Desk readers who will be attended in the BCS exam, wishing their future achievement we are here with the preparation of the BCS preliminary exam. 41st BCS Preliminary exam preparation given below. We hope the Bangla desk will make your BCS journey easy.

Bangladesh civil service

Bangladesh civil service(BCS) is the nationwide competitive examination in Bangladesh conducted by the Bangladesh Public Service Commission (BPSC) for recruitment to the numerous Bangladesh official gov cadres, including BCS (Admin), BCS (Taxation), BCS (Foreign Affairs), and BCS (Police) among others. Nowadays millions of young fellow desire to get dream job BCS cadre. Everyone wants to get to the top of their goal.

The country’s most competitive exam is the BCS. That’s why many are studying hard to harder for just touch the golden deer. Apart from all success is a shining star, everyone can see glow but can’t be illuminated in that light. Those who desired with dare they became a winner. If you want to become a BCS cadre, you must meet the 3 requirements. These 3 strategies can be considered as ‘rules of thumbs’ to get success in the BCS exam.

BCS preparation strategy: First Rule 

An intense desire to become a BCS cadre has to be kept in mind. The Brazilian famous author Paulo Coelho wrote in his most famous book ALCHEMIST, ‘If you have a strong desire for something, everything in the universe will start to intrigue you.’  An intense desire can be worked like magic. The will to gain something will force you to get that. Whether it is studying or training hard to climb the Himalayas. For arising the desire to become BCS cadre, firstly you have to have confidence. It is important to have a consistent level of knowledge about the level of your ability. The concept of having an academic background and the degree to which you can become a BCS cadre.

Academic results

Maybe you have wrong ideas about BCS cadre’s ability and academic background. First make that clear the most BCS cadres are usually medium-talented candidates who have academic results or CGPA medium quality or general standard. After passing from National University many students got good cadre’s post. At the time of examining the answer sheet of the exam number 1100 out of the total 1300 number of BCS exams, no one from the examiner or the PSC can know the result of the examinees or who has passed the examination from any institution.

In Viva

If you got the leastwise mark, they have to give you at least 80 (pass-marks) out of 200. Now, the non-cadre first class and second class posts are recruited through the BCS examination. So if you pass the written test, you are less likely to be dropped from Viva. The probability of getting a job in any BCS cadre or non-cadre first and second class positions is 60% – 80%.

BCS exam likely tests Cricket match. If you do badly in an exam there are so many chances to succeed by making good performance in other exams. You have to be regular and do smart study. It’s true that if you have the desire to get something, you are almost 100% likely to get it. In any situation stay motivated.

BCS preparation strategy: Second Rule 

You have to follow a planned preparation. For getting a job many do preparation but how many do pointful preparation? There is a huge difference between academic study and job study. That’s why we should start preparing for a job study from the graduation section with academic study. After finishing the academic study and start studying for a job, the age of entry into government service will be almost over to get a job.

After finishing the academic study within 2 years a kind of psychological vacuum will work in you, a kind of pain and restlessness will drive you away. To escape from this kinda psychological vacuum, you should start a hardcore job preparation after completing graduation. The best preparation not for losing. ‘Hard preservation for easy job war.’ It’s a true fact that, if you prepare hard, it will be easy to pass the BCS exam. It’s appropriate for every competition.

BCS preparation strategy

To become a BCS cadre, you have to seriously participate in BCS exam. 60% of examinees participate in this exam casually. Many people go to BCS exams with self-preparation only on luck or beliefs. This is only a waste of time. Spend your full Energy to participate in the BCS exam. Try this way, if you fail instead of you feel the comfort that you have made the least effort possible. In good attempt, you fail but there is no loss.

Many have the ability to get BCS job but they couldn’t get due to lucklessness of confidence and unsmart preparation. I have seen countless ordinary meritorious students become BCS cadre just because of their hard work and perseverance. From experience, those who work hard for BCS exams if they cannot get BCS cadre post but get any other first or second class government jobs. Believe it or not, 40% of BCS cadre are not so meritorious students but hard-worker.

BCS preparation strategy: Third Rule 

You will need to spend a lot of time on feasibility studies to determine preparation strategies. A feasibility study is an assessment or analysis of the practicality of a proposed project or system. Those who are tactical and hardworking, they only could exist in this competition. How much stronger or meritorious you are, that doesn’t matter if you don’t have any strategy you will fail. Of course, you have to study about your ability, on BCS question and syllabus.

Read a suitable book properly in proper time. During the preparation of the BCS exam, many examinees waste a lot of time due to system-loss which is irreparable. If you think that you can understand the strategy by participating in the BCS exam, then you are living in a fool’s paradise. Time and tide wait for none. You can follow the Facebook group or page where present BCS cadre shares their advice and experience. They write many things about many topics. You can gather a good idea but however, these are separately posted.

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Due to the passing of the BCS ‘non-cadre recruitment (special) rules-2010 and the amended BCS non-cadre recruitment (special) rules-2014, many posts of government first and second class are now recruited through BCS examination. Before 2010 non-cadre was not recruited by the BCS exam. But at present, the salaries have doubled in Government service, so the BCS cadre, non-cadre first class, and second class government jobs have become highly attractive jobs.

To start a full proof preparation plan for the BCS exam. What are you thinking when is the exact time to start preparation? The answer is now or never. That means, if you do not start now, you may never have the time to start exercising. As sooner as you start preparing for a job, you will get the government job after completing graduation.


Top 10 Books for Success: Reading book is becoming successful

Top 10 books that everyone must-read: First of all, Research says, 88% of successful people encourage their colleagues and employee to read books at least 30 minutes per day. They not only provoke others but also they love to read books. As an example, the world richest person Bill Gates reads 1 book every week and end of the year he completes to read 50 books. After reading the write a review on his website. Also, Warren Buffett is one of the most successful investors all the time. He took reading books on another level. He spends everyday 80% time to read books.

Top 10 books that everyone must-read

Successful people believe that today you read, tomorrow you will lead. Today I will share with you some highly recommended books by successful people. For the reason that these books are very effective for any entrepreneur. Even successful people think that books are made their lives fruitful then why not in your life? During the interview with financially successful people. Similarly, they revealed that books play a very important role in their careers, professional life. Also their minds, their mentality, and business management. From the list of the world-renowned conqueror, here are most noteworthy the top 10 books that everyone must-read.

Top 10 books that everyone must-read for the reason that books to read becoming successful.

Top 10 books to read becoming successful

1. Making the modern world – Vaclav Smil
top 10 books, Making the modern world - Vaclav SmilThe author of this book Vaclav Smil is a professor. He is a Czech-Canadian scientist and policy analyst. According to him, the use of material worldwide is increasing steadily and there has the possibility of decreasing in the future. This book finally forces you to think about the challenge of excessive material use. Vaclav Smil is one of the favorite writers of Bill Gates and this book is on the upward in his favorite book list.

Bill Gates believes Vaclav Smil played a significant role in changing his personal life. The author has made very sharp aspects of the book. This is not like any other academic books, every student likes to read this book without any break. Tons of statistics brilliantly compiled and discussed. The information is out of normal.  Therefore You end up entertaining yourself learning how civilization has been using materials. Finally, this book also has the solution to this excessive material use in our modern world.

Top 10 books to read becoming successful

2. Be obsessed or be average – Grant Cardone.
top 10 books, Be obsessed or be average - Grant Cardone
Most noteworthy, to become a successful entrepreneur it is fundamental to have some principal in one’s personal life. Focusing on specific issues, slowing down and getting excited about work. In addition, Cardone has provided several different suggestions in the book. Consequently, that goes beyond the traditional rules. According to Inc. magazine, this book is one of the 7 best motivational books in 2016. In his book, he described how his obsession helps him to become successful which he learned from his father.

Everyone teaches us to be responsible. For the reason that less demanding where Cardone says set crazy goals. And reach them every day, feed the beast – when you value money and spend it on the right thing. Also, you get more of it, shut down the doubters – use your haters as fuels. As you read this book, you’ll discover his secret is actually very simple… and very fulfilling. For those who use this information, it will be a life-changer.

Top 10 books that everyone must-read for the reason that books to read becoming successful.

3. How rich people think – Steve Siebold.
10 books to read, How rich people think - Steve SieboldFirst of all, the book will play a very effective role in shaping the business mindset. To become successful first step is to change the mentality. There is a huge difference between a simple person and a financially successful person. This book compares the thoughts, habits, and philosophies of the middle class to the world-class when it comes to wealth.

Hence, the strategy is very simple – use every strategy you can. Certainly, avoid unprofitable activities. Most noteworthy, study the investment as a scientist. Due to never stop your raising level of expectations. Control your life. love to win, bypass the ego, have faith in your success and many much. Everyone has the right to be rich. If you have worries about money in your life. Read a chapter a day and change the way you think! certainly, this book is the best read by anyone who is interested in change.

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Top 10 books to read becoming successful

4. The Automatic Millionaire: A Powerful One-Step Plan to Live and Finish Rich
The automatic million or - David BachDavid Bach is an entrepreneur and writer. In the book, he points out what can happen if cash is misguided. By profession, the author is also an entrepreneur. In this book, he shared his experience more than any theory. The most important lesson in this book is giving importance to yourself. He advised collecting money every day even a very little. He has shown how the amount of money increases year after year by depositing some money every day. This was a great book on personal finance for beginners. As a result, you will be found everyday advice on this book how to move towards prosperity in your personal life.


Top 10 books that everyone must-read

5. Rich Dad and Poor Dad – Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter.
Rich Dad and Poor Dad - Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon LechterFirst of all, the content of this book is excellent. Robert Kiyosaki is an entrepreneur, educator, and investor. He believes that each of us has the power to makes changes in our lives. Also, take control of our financial future and live the rich life we deserve. The ‘ rich dad poor dad ‘ book is based on his personal business life. Based on his personal business life experience, the author offers business analogies. In the book, he discusses business topics including financial education. Furthermore, real estate business, financial independence, business management, financial intelligence and so on.

Top 10 books that everyone must-read, books to read becoming successful.

Top 10 books to read becoming successful

6. The richest man in Babylon – George S. Clayson.
The richest man in Babylon - George S. ClaysonIn the last couple of centuries, the type of business has changed drastically. Especially after the industrial revolution. The business world is spreading because of the improvement in communication. As a result, the taste of customers changed. Due to the availability of telecommunications, aircraft, etc, business is not restricted to any particular area. In any region of the world, there is a direct correlation of the global economy with business growth or downfall.

Finally, changes in the business, the evolution of the basic rules, the principle is still unchanged. In the book, George S. Clayson described the economic policy of the city of Babylon 4000 years ago. Easy to read and timeless Message. Hence, whoever wants to read about personal finance without any kinda academic finance books, he should read this one. However, this book was definitely unique and a quick read with lots of good information that still holds true now.

Top 10 books that everyone must-read, books to read becoming successful.
Top 10 books that everyone must-read

7. The little book of common Sense investing – Jon C. Bogle.
The little book of common Sense investing - Jon C. BogleBogle is the founder of the Vanguard group and a reputed author also. Warren Buffett considered Bogle as a hero for investors even in his own life. Buffett envisioned that if there any name for erecting statue that would be Jon C. Bogle. This book is really awesome for newbie investors. He explained how things work in the finance world. The basic plan of investment but still those are very important for every entrepreneur. THIS BOOK, follow Jack’s timeless lessons, then periodically read it again as a reference.

Top 10 books to read becoming successful

8. Business adventure – Jone Brooks.
books to read becoming successful, Business adventure - Jone Brooks.According to Bill Gates, this book remains the best business book he has ever read. Every business has the first goal to gain revenue. The book details twelve stories from the business world, mostly occurring in the 1950s and 1960s. Not your typical business book as you must dig for the lesson from each story. That can also be a good thing as it challenges and develops your thinking process. Whatever your motive to read this book, the ‘Business adventure’ never disappoints you.

9. Think and grow rich – Napoleon Hill.
Think and grow rich - Napoleon HillNapoleon Hill was an American author in the new thought tradition of the previous century. In his book, the author highlights the struggles of 500 entrepreneurial life for the business entrepreneurs including Andrew Carnegie, the Scottish-American business emperor (1853-1919), Henry Ford (1863- 1947), American steel magnate Charles M.(1864-1939).

These personalities played a key role in advancing the current state of the United States. In the book napoleon hill, he discusses how to move forward, how to make decisions, and how to become a successful entrepreneur. This tells you about your mindset, desire, faith, journal workshop. If you learn and apply the simple basic techniques revealed here. Certainly, you will have mastered the secret of true and lasting success.

Top 10 books to read becoming successful

10. Tools of Titans – Tim Ferriss.
books to read becoming successful, Tools of Titans Tim Ferriss outlines the strategy of becoming a billionaire in this book. The economy of the current dynamic world is largely controlled by several corporate companies. In business, world investment is too complex and risky. Moreover, the area of trade also outspread. Market interest, demand is constantly changing. For this, the investor should invest after a lot of investigation. In the book, Tim Ferriss discusses some of the suggestions for moving ahead properly in such an investment environment.