Anyone can be Blogger but why should you start your blog?

Anyone can be Blogger but why should you start your blog

In human life, there is an ultimate alack that if the creator could back me in my childhood I will start my life in a new way. They became Niobe what they haven’t or what they didn’t. For example, every Blogger has this regret why they didn’t start blogging before, I am also. If I had started sooner I would have gotten something more. But still, we have time to do many works.

Many people have a misconception that blogging is only a matter of writing. Who can write they only can blog. But blogging is not only about writing, but it’s also something more than writing. Many people say their writing is not good on the other hand they afraid to write. They can’t that doesn’t mean they never can. I always recommend others to start blogging. So you should know why you start blogging. Now I am gonna tell you.

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 To listen to your passion: Anyone can be Blogger

To listen to your passion: Anyone can be BloggerWe are different. Everyone has own specialty. Some can understand some couldn’t. From our young age, we live with confusion about what to do, what is suitable for us. No one gives us the answer to this question. We fall into depression. Blogging is that process where you can discover yourself and listen to your passion.

The blog will introduce you to your introspection. Passion means what I like to do, what I like to live. You like reading, fishing, acting, singing, photography, social work, etc. Maybe you considered it as your hobby. When you start blogging about your hobby you will connect with the same community. Knowing how they do, you can know what you should do and also you will want to show yourself. You feel you are not alone, so many people are in the world who speak like you. They have the same passion as you, it will boost your hunger to become an expert on your passion. Your expertise will make your passion for the profession. This is the best part of life when anyone takes passion as his profession.

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The blog will be your voice: Anyone can be Blogger

Anyone can be Blogger: The blog will be your voiceA very common question ‘who you are…’. Ask it yourself. The answer doesn’t mean your name on a birth certificate. Maybe you know the correct answer but need to describe or the question maker doesn’t have so much time for details still you want to express yourself to the world. Take your time to describe your thoughts. For this, you don’t need to become a good writer or speaker.

Everyone has something to say. If you didn’t write down, that will be erased from your mind and there is no feature to recollect data. Make your blog as your voice and start an interaction with others.

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To become a skilled person

To become a skilled personAnyone can be Blogger: Don’t feel shy about what you can and what you have. Blogging will be arising with your writing skills, typing skills, communication skills, editing skills, photography skills, presentation skills, intelligence. So many skills you can absorb by blogging. In the current context, 9 out of 10 companies check employee profiles before selecting their employees. They like employee’s online influence. Your online influence will be counted as a plus point. Blogging is a powerful place in this regard.

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To become a better person

Anyone can be Blogger: To become a better personBlogging is a long-term process. We need a healthy and happy life. Blogging gives you happiness when expressing your emotions, prove yourself and others will appreciate you. For healthy life need happiness as well as exercise.

In the Blogging task when you take blogging as a profession your brain will always be busy with the search. also, research, reading, writing, editing, posts, publishing. Blogging will work as an exercise of the brain. Having an active brain blogging will help you.

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To help others: Anyone can be Blogger

To help othersIt’s not possible that we all know exactly everything. In our life, so many things happen the first time. Sometimes it gives us to notice sometimes doesn’t. But every time we find who can give correct advice or the experience who passed on this situation. It’s hard to find anyone in our family or local area but easy to internet.

So think, your experience and advice will help others, some will be thanked you. As an example, a newbie mom wants to know what will be the best lotion for her newborn baby. Your blog can help her if you know better on this matter. Every Blogger helps others in their own way.

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To make a world a better place

To make a world a better placeThe blog is your voice. You can spread what you like or don’t, that helps you to make this world a better place. There are many examples like that how a blog became viral via Facebook or Twitter. It’s so much a thrilling feeling when you will be part of this. You can connect with other parts of the world, you can make a bond with them even it gives you so much pleasure to have such a company. You will have friends all over the world.

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For Knowledge

KnowledgeIn blogging, you will write what you want but before publishing, you have to check that all information correct or not. You can’t give any false information to others when people wanting your help. For writing a blog post you have to search, research and investigate.

Those who will be your readers they also have quite an idea about the topic, so if you have any fault they can easily mark. The fear of mistake, force you to collect the correct information. This can’t possible in another profession. Your learning process will be continued in blogging.

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For freedom

For freedomA creative soul doesn’t want to be a jailbird. He always wants free wings. But after seeing the busiest world, corporate office job who can say he is free. People are becoming prisoners without chains. They do this because of their need. If you can blogging as your profession, you will have a free life, no one can force you to work. You can earn but there is no fear of explanation.

Even your profession is not hampered your personal life or adventure. If you do blogging as a hobby or part-time job still you can live your own palace where you are boss of yourself.

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 To save money

Many can think blogging is only for a money-making reason where it can save your money. Because of depression, people do so many unwanted habits start drinking, eat foods, go to restaurants, travel here and there. People can use a blog as a performing platform where a blogger can relieve their pain. Without expense, the blog is an enjoyable life.

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You will be live long

Blog is not any putrescent paper or any other social account which you need to act either easily deleted. If you have adequate niches, the reader will read your writing a million times even after your death. The Internet never dies. You can live decade to decade. Your writing can make you ageless.

These all are so many reasons you should do start blogging. No matter what, you can start from now. It’s not so late. You can start your own blog of good quality with little investment from sharewebhost. 

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