Advantage of blogging: How the advantage of blogging changed my life

How the advantage of blogging changed my life

Advantage of blogging, How the advantage of blogging changed my life?
Yeah! today’s topic is the easiest for me because I gather many lessons about the blog from the last 6 months. I wanted to be a blogger. Now I started also my online blog footprint. So it’s better to be joined any work you have plenty of knowledge about this. Now I try to gain knowledge every day about the blog and give the review by my post. I related to the blog but never know what is the blog.

Now I better know about it and I have to know if I want to start my journey in the blogging world. The blog is a type of online writing like content writing, scriptwriting, online journalism, etc. But the blog is more than those. Today I will not describe the blog. The blog is that blog is this, blah, blah, blah. Because I already wrote all in my previous post, read the definition, history, and varieties of the blog. You can read for getting a good idea and don’t forget to do comment.

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By searching, researching and reading blog posts now I know many things. Which I didn’t know before. I can name them the advantage of blogging. I won’t stop getting knowledge by knowing I also tried to apply those in my life. Now I just share those points with you.

How the advantage of blogging changed my life

Advantage of blogging: Writing skills

The blog is mainly for writing. But I like to write with pen and paper. Write in a mobile or electronic device is unpleasant to work. Now I made it my habit so now I can write it on mobile but not speedy as much as I want. And also I know how beautifully express my writing. The most important blog gives the freedom to write, it’s not like other writing where you should follow format, greetings, portion, marking and all.

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Reading skills

I read many blog posts. Now I can read quickly much than before it’s arising my vocabulary, changing my writing style. I just need to speed up. After writing editing is most important. Editing is better 100 times than rewrite. For editing, you have to read your post, read it loudly if the sounds are not good for you how can people will satisfied with your writing to read.

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Get appreciation and give a compliment

Everybody loves appreciation. But I never have expectations and did not get much. Now I get appreciation every day like excellent, awesome, good, great. But some people told me they wanted to read my old post this is more than a compliment. Because they feel my writing something useful for them and I am happy to listen to it. I will be happier if they really read those and notify me of their comments. For me to give a compliment is a difficult task. I am a miser on this matter. But now I start giving compliments other but not the excessive way.

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To gain something do quite something

This is the ultimate agenda for achievement. Now I quit seeing video, chatting, and argument. Before knowing blog post I read every post but not now. I quit reading typical posts. It’s better to read a quality blog post than some tacky post where I gain nothing.


Advantage of blogging: I like to listen not to read. I love to observe not speaking. Observation is also needed for the blog. I can observe who is my regular readers, who are genuine, who criticize, who read my post for the first time I know by reading. Every msg, request, msg request, comments. It helps me to know what’s going on in their minds and how to reply with others by their language.

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Advantage of blogging: Switch to skip

I have another bad habit. When my memory catches anything, I can’t forget that. I remember who is how. It’s not about me that he/she did something with me. But now I can skip them. If I was before one I will start arguing but now I skip it. When someone lives in a fool’s paradise it’s better to skip. Most successful bloggers follow this rule.

Make difference and feel the difference

Advantage of blogging: It’s very occurred to live with the same thing, read the same post. Now I know how to make a difference from other’s posts. There are good and bad things in the world. So for choosing a good one you have to know the difference between good and bad. Now I knew it.

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Advantage of blogging: Timing

After reading every blog post there is some common thing that life never give you scope and time to do your work. When your work is writing. So when you have mood and time write as much as you can. Yeah, now I follow this rule. Blogging is a hard-working matter but there is some technical advantage to help me to save time.

Advantage of blogging: Make a plan and target

Planning is a great thing. I do my task as my planning. I don’t have any hurry. So I learn my thing slowly and steadily. When I don’t execute according to my plan . There is a plan B. Now I have something new on my mind. A Blogger should not miss the routine. All bloggers follow their routine strictly.

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How the advantage of blogging changed my life

Don’t follow others, Walk in your way

I don’t like to follow others. Yeah, I listen all, observe all but not follow. I express my feeling as my wish and way. I can’t melt others with false words. When anyone follows others, they end their creativity. Please play your own tune. What are your capabilities, how you know without applying?

Advantage of blogging: Simple and example

Advantage of blogging: All blogger says the same thing that uses simple words. Exactly the language is to express your feeling. If nobody understands your word it’s better to be silent. I love to give an example and write simple words. It’s good to read 1 quality sentence rather than 1000  gentile words.

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Presentation skill

Whatever is your profession it doesn’t matter but presentation skill is a must. Every blogger has expertise on them any specific site instead they need other skills. Blogging is like program management. Now I can do a presentation on any topic with confidence.

There are thousands of advantages of the blog but here I wrote only about my blog journey’s advantage. That’s also not enough and in the future on this list, many points will be also added. I can write more about the blog. Those are floating over spontaneously. But now I am stopping. The best part of the blog is you never go an empty mind if you read a good blog.  Your mind will be open up.

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