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BANGLA DESK is an online portal. The innovation of science and intelligence of Technology, Diversity on climate change, Online life and livelihood, blogging and Blogger. An ultimate helping hand. There will be thousands of online portal every portal have their specialty as our BANGLA DESK giving you the recent collection of science’s innovation, how can you use technology in the best way, online life maintenance, importance of the Internet, online collection and profession, some professional tips and tricks.

The everyday weather map is our new addition which can help you to find the Earth’s weather update no matter where you are. Climate change is the talk of the town where we do not only give you an idea or our thoughts but also future aspects and the settlement. And the best part of our writing we always try to give you the easiest definition because we believe all those are not my or your. We love to suppose IT’S OUR and we need your support to carry on our journey. One for all, all for one.


Knowledge is the best moderator for sense and mind improvement, shaping behavior and morality by culture development and civil welfare. Stabling Knowledge makes our thoughts, ideas, and sprites informative. Applying knowledge will create wisdom. Wisdom ensure success. In our website, one reader or viewer not only can learn but also can build quality character by a basic sense of humor and logical behaving thought.

About us

Those who wish for immigrants and emigration life, making them fully aware and enlightened is our main prospect by using every section of the online platform. With expecting a humanity based society we make sensible content. People will forget superstition, narrow-mindedness and will be inspired by patriotism, humanity. By learning with a basic sense of humor one can be sensible and lightened.

About us

Hopefully, our thinking is want to give you more but we have some limitations still you find many health tips, healthy brain activity, reading and writing methods our personal opinion, informative programming solution, tutorial from, history of all this, recent update. If this information can help you in a single way, that’s more than a compliment for us.

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We are here not only to telling our story but also want to hear your opinion, problem. Already you give us your support and blessings. When we read your feelings in the comment section, we feel pleased. We always try to respect your love and also try to make an online portal free from political and religious criticism. Believe us, we don’t believe in spam. Most importantly when you come to us, we will never let you go with an empty hand.

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